Buying Ships


Is there a formula or prices for buying ships anywhere in the second Ed materials. I have all the books except the Last Flight of Santiago, but I can't find this anywhere other than building a ship from the Ship Builders book everytime a pc wants to buy a ship.

Frankly if I can't find anything soon I was going to go with 1000cr per space on the ship.

I don't have many books but from what I've heard there are no official prices.

If you are going to use spaces as a basis, I would charge much, much more than 1000cr. Otherwise anyone with a good job could just save up for a few months and get his own ship. That's too easy...
Okies, taking an example:

Civilian Trader (15 spaces)

This was 18,000,000cr in the 1st edition rules, with no reason to think the price has changed.

So if you go for 1,000,000cr per space you'll get a far closer price :)

If it helps you to price them in your campaign: if normal characters can afford to buy a ship then they're too cheap. The character should be in the upper echelons of society to be able to afford even a small vessel. Most traders would more likely take out a huge loan to buy the ship (and the bank would want to see a business plan that looks like it can afford to make enough money to pay for it, not just "I want a ship to travel around in "), and be working the rest of their life to make the repayments (just like owning a house, really). Most ships tend to be owned by governments and corporations rather than individuals.
The formula for calculating the price of a ship is in the Ship Builder's Manual. The base price of the hull and then the various components are listed in the book. Unfortunately the prices of the prebuilt ships are not listed anywhere I have been able to find.