Breakway Hull and Hull Points


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Just getting back into Traveller, whole new version 2, and then an update to it snce the last time I posted/

Start off witha mathematical challenge!
Breakaway hulls seem problematic in High Guard Update 2020 (and High Guard).
The line 'Hull points of each section will be proportionate to the total Hull points of the ship' does not really explain it!
If I take a ship of 100,000 tons it has 66,666 hull points (1/1.5).
If I had a 10,000 tone breakway this would normally have hull points of 4,000, but because it is a breakway this is 6,666 hull points. Which does not make sense.

I think it only makes sense to allow break-away size wihin the same break point. I.E, 100 tons break-aways for ships up to 24,999 tons, 25,000 tons for ships over 25,,000 tons etc.

Anyone else made sense of it, a better way

I feel the rules were designed to cover the majority of the cases. Here you are talking a breakaway massive ship, which is a corner case (breakaway) to a corner case (massive ships).

In this case I would calculate hull points by section. If you are building a breakaway hull on a ship large enough to have the massive hull rules to apply, it would not be able to reinforce the smaller segments as it does the large ones, resulting in a (slightly) weaker overall design from a hull point standard.
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Its early days, but looking to run a TCS style campaign using High Guard 2020. I agree its a corner case for vast majority of players, but its those thorny corner cases player ride to get and advantage in a campaign like that!. I am currently looking for as many of these corner cases as I can.

I think I will go with the sectin idea.

As far as I know it's intentional. A 100.000+ Dt ship has more Hull to make battleships viable. A Breakaway section should have a proportional fraction of the complete ships Hull points.

More Hull for larger ships is intended to balance the combat system.
I can think of a couple of ways to game the system for breakaways.

I think that in the end, go with what sounds reasonable.