Boosting the supporting roles.



Some of my PCs have expressed interest in using the supporting roles to make heroes from more exotic locales. So I'm wondering if there are any suggestions for boosting the other classes (specifically warrior and adept) so they will be more power balanced with the basic classes.
For the warrior you could allow a single 'bonus feat' choice each level, and let the player pick from those in Dungeons and Dragons (which would require the Player's Handbook) or between some of the already created abilities (Born to the Sword, etc.) and new ones you make.
The fighter, barbarian and rogue classes from D&D would all work with no need for changes. You would need to also use the feat system.
I'd suggest, rather than using, say, the fighter as is, add a single feat each level (perhaps 2 at level 1). That fits with the Lone Wolf progression of abilities more. I would also rework the barbarian and rogue a bit, but that might be more trouble than it's worth.
Just a little work can modify the base warrior and adept classes quite easily; ask the players where they want to come from, and present them with either a pre-prepared list of feats, or add in your own (appropraite) class features.

I wouldn't really recommend using the base D+D classes, since I think gain less skills, and they certainly work to a lower power level than the base Lone Wolf classes.

Also the problem with using a list of feats over assigned class features (even if the said class features were originally feats) is that the character doesn't really seem unique, as most of the Lone Wolf chars do. The interesting thing about LW is that the classes feel like specific Prestige classes, but retain the generalisation of normal classes and the associated player choice.