Book of Vile Darkness


Does anyone else have this book, and how much of it do you think can be used? The theme of the book seems to fit in the genre. I have it, but I haven't had a chance to sift through it for ideas for my Conan game yet.

What do you think?

There's lots of fantastic ideas in there but some of the magic should be toned down or rejected outright. It's agreat book for making a very very vile scholar or demon -- great resource.
It would have a lot of good ideas in it. Definately have to tone down the magic power. You'd have to be careful though. Its geared towards general hack and slash and I see Conan demon stuff as having to deal more with corruption and trickery of mages.
I would recommend using the aspects of archdemon and devils from the D&D Miniatures Handbook as being good (beatable) demon lords for Conan. Still wouild need a little tweaking (DR, Dodge, Parry, spells).