Book 6: Scoundrel - I got my Pre-Ordered copy in hands now!!


Hello everyone,

Well I got in the mail this saturday morning my pre-ordered copy of Book 6: Scoundrel and I must say from my fast once over it is a pretty darn good book. I am so happy with what and how Mongoose is doing things and think that they have the correct method and style down correctly. I have not yet been disapointed with anything that they have done with either Traveller or Conan books, and know that they will continue on with making excelent products. I only wish they would do a printed monthly magazine, I do miss the Traveller ones.

Smuggler, Organized Criminal, Scavenger, etc.

Piracy, fencing, smuggling, gambling type stuff is covered. Some new ships and ship options.
Hey here guys,

Ok here are the careers:

Rougue types: (a criminal who has rejected lawful society and instead willingly embraced an illegal and dangererous existence)
- Intruder
- Smuggler
- Organised Crimininal
- Pirate

Drifter types: 9has failed to find lawful employment and has other choices, he does what he must to survive)
- Scavenge
- Wanderer
- Barbarian

Two new skills:
- Fogery
- Security

The section on new ships is AWESOME

- Smuggler 200-ton Type a Free Trader
- Blockade Runner, Buccaneer-class 400-ton
- External Cargo Trader 300-ton
- Jumpcusser (Type S) (modified Type S Scout) 100-ton
- Pirate Interceptor 200-ton
- Pirate Carrier, indigo class 300-ton
- Heavy Belter, Finder class 300-ton
- Salvage Hauler, Bug class 300-ton
- Passenger Cruiser, Genevieve class 1200-ton
- Customs Patrol Boat, Grassnake class 50-ton
- Customs Patrol Cutter, Rattler class 600-ton
- Q-ship 400-ton

Basically for me this is a awesome book and a MUST to have to ones collection of Traveller books. For me I have bought all of them so far except Book:0, and the Pocket Edition books. I am however thinking about just going back and buying them just to have them anyway.

Bygoneyrs said:
Hey here guys,

The section on new ships is AWESOME


Thanks!! This has now been officially added to my list of books to get.
The ships section alone sounds like just what I need.
I need this book.

My Players are planning to go privateering against the evil Federation of Earth! This book certainly has what I need!
Sounds good to me. I'll give Fan Boy 3 a ring, and see what they'll have in store for Wednesday. Either I spend the £15 on this or on Tripwire, if either are in. If they're both in, well ...

(I would love the Aslan book, but TBH my preferences are, in order, Droyne, Zhodani, Darrians, Vargr and Sword Worlders. So the Aslan book might have to wait a bit.

But if one or both of the other books is in Fan Boy 3, likely you'll see me there just after the shop's opening at noon on Wednesday. I'll let you know.
I must say having had more time to reread this book, overall it is pretty good. Oh there are a few typo's or errors in tense but that aside no big deal that I see so far. I feel it was well worth the cost to Pre-Order it and am happy that I had done it too.