Blister or Blaster Bugs?

Which do you prefer fielding, Blister or Blaster Bugs?

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I voted for 'both.'

The models are so similar that I use them interchangeably. That is, I built 3 of each, but I use them all as either Blisters or Blasters, depending on my bug order of battle.
I've seen the CGI series and I can't tell the difference. I must have failed my SICON target recognition training.

What is the actual difference?

I know that MI can tell the difference just by doing a heat scan, but I see no reason not to use the models interchangably as long as you let your opponent know in advance what the heat scan shows.
the nose/beak thing has marginally different lengths and the bulge behind the cranium has different texturing and shape.
I never watched the series all the way through, saw snippets here and there. I kinda snicker at the whole differences part, but it is awesomely inexpensive for mongoose to fabricate those subspecies.
Bothish. I made blisaster bugs. The blister snout and the blaster abdomen. That way I can use them as both.

Brett Hartt
hmm. it really would be amusing to model a 'Blisaster' giving the 'west-side' hand gesture and wearing bling.... and a red bandana....

I kinda like this idea... :)
dragonladytoo said:
So in the literature (Mongooses) they have the blaster as red and the blister as grey.

How did you paint yours? :?:

My Blisters:

My Blasters:
I fail SICON target recognition yet again! If it wasn't for the nice different colour schemes, I couldn't tell them apart on the table top.

Hiromoon -- have you considered giving them a slight drybrushing to bring out some of the raised detail?
heh...the blaster has a longer upper jaw and different under abdomen on it's rump....and since they're not sealed, i'll give it a chance when my funds allow it.
In the CGI, the Blaster Bugs were quite gigantic, same with the firewalls they produced... needed missiles (or a very mean CHAS unit) to take down where as Blisters were smaller and massive in numbers...

I do kinda prefer the way Mongoose has made them both available by mounting (baby)blasters and blisters in the same kit...

Normally I would have to vote for Blisters for that sweet D10... but demoing experience says that Blasters have been the doom of careless Cap Sergeants everywhere... since they only produce a 3" firezone, its quite easy to take him out if he doesnt have anyone near...
yea, the Chas Bot from the Tophet campaign was dwarfed by that lone Blaster, maybe an anomoly - Tophet Blaster Bug.
But yeah it was massive.
squall-goku said:
yea, the Chas Bot from the Tophet campaign was dwarfed by that lone Blaster, maybe an anomoly - Tophet Blaster Bug.
But yeah it was massive.

They also showed several of Blaster Bugs (2-3?) later in the campaign in the valley where they used their... ummm.. flameretardent shields/snowboards... Also massive in size... and so hot that even missile strikes from fighters could not penetrate the surrounding heat without detonating... Well... perhaps we'll see Tophet Blasters one day... oughta be somewhere between a Tanker and the present Plasma figures... and its fireblast should be at least an LZ3"...