Blade Runner


Some kind of Blade Runner RPG, where you can retire reps, renegade humans, and maybe even some aliens. Who knows?
You could also make minis for it, such as the cool hover cars that they have, and blade runner models. I loved the book, film, and PC game, and I think that this would be really interesting.
I don't really know much about a lot of Mongoose's games. So far I can only afford to be playing 1, and I'm playing starship troopers.
CP2020 is not a mongoose game (and neither is SR for that matter). I believe the point was that you could easily run BR with an existing ruleset.

I, personaly, love cyberpunk (as a genre).

I also like Bladerunner as movie (haven't got around to reading the book)...wouldn't mind it as a setting. Have to say though that Mongoose's last attempt at cyberpunk is propably my leased favourite Mongoose rpg. I blame this on the OGL (D20) system which really doesn't fit Cyberpunk well. I think that class/lvl based systems should stay well away from cyberpunk.
blade runner would be one of the coolest licences ever.... i might cry at how beautiful the thought of that is
But it so wouldn't be worth it as a license. You've got all of one film to work with. You could retrofit the PKD story, I suppose, but that's only two sources. I don't think it's really worth it for a gaming company to procure that license.

If you really want to run a Blade Runner campaign, use Shadowrun or CP2020 or Alternity or OGL Cyberpunk or d20 Modern and WRITE THE CAMPAIGN UP YOURSELF! :D
I'd second that in regards to just using CP2020 (which is soooo influenced by Blade Runner).

However what would be interesting would be to take PKD sci-fi and merge it into a universal theme, in much the same way that Call of Cthulhu did with Lovecraft. With a bit of leeway you could fit most of the books into roughly the same universe

Or you could go all existential and set it actually in the mind of Phillip K Dick writing a novel.

Roleplaying in the Mind of Phillip K Dick.
An rpg set inside the mind of the author?

Ever read any of the xanth books by Piers Anthony? A lot of the same logic - if twisted - such as some of the protagonists deliberatly trying to get themselves promoted to the standing of Major Character so the can't be killed off without warning...
I've seen some impressive homebrew attempts with the Matrix trilogy (which is also cyberpunk....-ish?), so BR would not be too hard to homebrew.