Bio-tech that makes you think...


Emperor Mongoose
A couple of Anton Petrov's recent videos have really made me start thinking about what this stuff wioll look like in a century or more's time.

printing replacement body parts and organs, using human brain tissue in computers....
Considering current available alternatives, printing human organs seems really benign.

I think when it becomes Frankensteinian, from replacement to original creation, will we have issues.

Besides cost.
If you can build the parts then you can assemble them.
Printed bones, tissues and organs, add a lab grown brain/computer...
Don't know if it's gouache to make two plugs in a single day, but with rules in the Robot Handbook and updated CSC, you can do that
(or was that three plugs?)
These are biological synthetics, your rather excellent Robots book concentrates more on the mechanical and electronic.

Any proper coverage of the pentapods for 2300AD will require a bio-tech supplement (and I need to repurpose those rules for my write up of the Abyssals).