Belt Strike - Converting travel times from Thrust 1 to Thrust 2


Emperor Mongoose

I'm due to be running the "Belt Strike" adventure (Mongoose, 1st Edition) and I need a little help with number crunching.

Looking at the "Standard Travel Times in the Schaeffer Belt (at Thrust 1) in Days" I was wondering... how do I convert the Thrust 1 times to Thrust 2 times?

For example, travelling from Vinen to Sonares Prime takes 4.5 days at Thrust 1.


Multiply by .707. (Rough number based off the travel times table in core rather than science, but pretty close.) Probably want to convert to hours in there somewhere as well, but the math works either way.

So 4.5 days x .707 gets you 3.1815, about 3 days 4 hours.
OK. I've come up with a rough spreadsheet that attempts to do what you recommend... I tried to send the original LibreOffice Calc file but that was disallowed. I can make the LO Calc file available, if desired.

Here it is, for anyone else interested in Beltstrike, as a PDF.


  • Schaeffer-Belt-Thrust-1-2-travel-times.pdf
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Or on your slipstick, align the 1 on the C scale with the thrust value on the A scale, and then the thrust-1 time on the D scale aligns with the thrust-n time on the C scale. Couldn't be easier.