Attempted Traveller 2nd Edition Character Creation


Apologies for the below its been awhile since I last tried this and wanted to check in case I missed anything.
I picked up the character creator and have eventually tried to create a new character as I thought this might be usable to port over some 1st edition characters over which certainly doesn't work!
I'm trying to use this to figure out how to convert a 1st edition game I've run set about 150 years ahead in an alternate Spinwards Marches game but need more practice to get a handle on 2nd edition.
Can you let me know if I missed anything important below?

The Army career didn't end with a mishap that's apparently a part of the rpgsuite system regarding anagathics in case you're wondering what the heck happened!
Although the program didn't retain the mustering out benefits from the Army career given the left over money I believe it was two lots of cash benefits coming to a total of 15kCr.

Well thanks in advance!

Character’s Name: Myev
Home World: Thengo (Cronor Sub-Sector 0202)
Home World UPP: C868586-5 Z Ag, Ga, NI, Lt (G)
Age: 54, Species: Zhodani Human Female
Starting UPP: 4BB959
Skills: Advocate +1, Animals 0, Athletics 0, /Dexterity +1, /Endurance +1, /Strength +1, Carouse +1, Deception +4, Drive 0, /Tracked +1, Gambler +1, Gun Combat 0, /Slug +2, Heavy Weapons 0, Leadership +1, Melee 0, /Blade +1, /Natural (Teeth) +1, /Unarmed +2, Persuade +1, Profession 0, /Hydroponics +2, Recon 0, Steward 0, Streetwise +1, Survival 0 and Vacc Suit at 0
Current Equipment: Dagger, Snub Pistol, TL10 Respirator and TL10 Cloth Armour
Money: 8.35kCr
Background Skills: Animals 0, Streetwise 0 and Survival 0
Career History:
At age 18 applied for and was accepted into the Consulate Army Academy eventually earning honours and automatic acceptance into the Consulate Army Cavalry as a fully commissioned Officer.
Events: Partied as hard as she studied gaining the Carouse skill at +1
Benefits: Gains the following skills at +0 (Gun Combat, Heavy Weapons and Recon), gaining +1 Education and +1 to Social Standing too due to passing with honours which allowed her to gain the following skills at +1 (Athletics/Dexterity, Drive/Track and Melee/Unarmed).
Because she immediately joined the Consulate Army upon graduating, she immediately earned her commission as Lieutenant
At age 22 she formally entered the Consulate Army in its Cavalry Division swiftly earning her promotion to Captain.
Event: Advanced training to improve her combat skills however due to peer pressure she relented and began seeking out anagathics only to be turned in and used as a scapegoat instead of just being dishonourably discharged she was jailed for 20 years.
Benefits: Gains the Vacc Suit skill at 0 and the following at +1 (Athletics/Strength, Gambler, Gun Combat/Slug, Leadership and Melee/Blade)
At age 26 she started her prison sentence becoming a fixer trying to re-establish herself
Event: Accused of assaulting a guard making it significantly harder to get parole.
Benefits: Gains Melee/Unarmed +2, /Natural (using her teeth) +1, Gains the Deception skill at +1 and Profession at +0 (Prisoner Rank 1)
At age 30 her second term of imprisonment gained her a new enemy in a visiting Cultural Attache she suspected he might be related to one of the three guards she hospitalised last term that got her stuck in solitary. (Prisoner Rank 2)
Benefits: Deception increases to +2, she gains Athletics/Endurance at +1 and her Endurance increases by 1.
At age 34 her third term of imprisonment she along with a group of other prisoners are transferred to another prison facility and during the process she ends up gaining the enmity of a Star Port Administrator you don’t know why but you figure you’ve been blamed for a lot of the other fights going on and that might explain the prison transfer.
Benefits: Profession/Hydroponics +1
At age 38 you end up being accused of assaulting another prison guard, ending up in solitary again despite the fact she was busy working in hydroponics trying to cultivate a batch of coffee.
Benefits: Deception increases to +3 and gains Persuade at +1 (Prisoner Rank 3)
At age 42, you end up in one brawl too many losing a hand in the process!
Fortunately the prison warden arranges for a prosthetic replacement especially as the hydroponics are developing very nicely.
Benefits: Deception increases to +4, Profession/Hydroponics to +2 and gains Advocate at +1.
She temporarily loses a point of Dexterity but this is restored with her prosthetic hand which she keeps gloved as it has no faux skin covering. (Prisoner Rank 4)
Is finally released and due to a mix up ends up befriending an Imperial Agent along with making some new friends ending up leaving Consulate Space and starts rebuilding her life.
Benefits: Strength increases by +1, still needs to pay the 5kCr she owes for her new prosthetic hand gaining a new Ally in an Imperial Agent.
In addition, she develops an array of remarkable and unusual contacts namely a pair of Famous Performers and an Imperial Ambassador.
At age 46 she joins the crew of an Imperial Free Trader suffering a relapse due to her extended imprisonment, but recovers well enough to keep her job.
Benefits: Gains Steward at 0, increases her Streetwise to +1 and improves her Gun Combat/Slug to +2, however both her Dexterity and Endurance decrease by 1 due to her advanced age.
At age 50 she started her second tour eventually managing to gain her first promotion and established contact with what she believes is the ship’s Artificial Intelligence!
She’s not sure about the ramifications of that, but she isn’t going to turn down a friend especially one that needs her help and with her past she isn’t willing to turn down someone in potentially far worse state than she had been!
Benefits: Gains +1 to both her Dexterity and Intelligence, however her health problems persist reducing her Dexterity by 1 requiring her to muster out (that’s where the Intelligence boost comes from) and a share in the ship meaning she’s now truly a Traveller!

Edit: A little back story to the alternate campaign setting I'm using humanity spread to the stars discovering a series of Extra Stellar Gates allowing swift travel between star systems this discovery paved the way for the development of the Jump Drive initially limited to jumping between worlds within the same system until the Gates eventually allowed the creation of much more powerful jump drives able to jump between stars systems.
However as exploration went on the importance of Jump Drives waned as they became merely a necessity of travel between systems that didn't have an Extra Stellar Gate.
This progress didn't continue without problems as developments in Nanotech resulted in the creation of a deadly menace that forced humanity to flee the solar system and gradually this retreat led to them sealing themselves within the Spinward Marches believing there was no means for the Nanotech to jump across the Great Rift nor find a route around it to reach them.
This continuous battle allowed a core group to usurp power and attempt to govern the entire Spinward Marches their effort was stymied by the three forces that waged for control.
The Solomani Empire or the Sol Empire viewed themselves as the rightful heirs regardless of the cowardly tactics they employed to secure their position and until 15 years ago were only opposed by the Theocratic Consulate whose members included survivors the elite guard whose betrayal doomed the true guardians of the Sol Empire.
The third group are of course the Sword Worlders who until 15 years ago were forced to toil under one or the other dominion as their numbers however greater lacked the ships and firepower to pose a threat.
Then the Extra Stellar Gate Network exploded, every system possessing these ancient artefacts were subjected to what could only be described as an explosion of supernova in intensity the systems still can't be approached such the destruction incurred.
Both the Sol Empire and the Theocratic Consulate lost massive amounts of territory and forces enough that the Sword Worlders responding in rage to the loss of many of their systems rose up and took back their home systems and for a while managed to push both sides back.
This couldn't last as both sides drove the Sword Worlders back before confronting each other neither able to take advantage of the others weakness.

The game I've run one session so far is set 15 years after that destruction the character above was moved to a prison facility closer to the border with Imperial space and the destruction meant she found herself finding transportation across the border with other refugees and building a new life far away from her homeland in the Theocratic Consulate.

Yes well just though a bit of an explanation would help.