Battlefield Evolution query


Cosmic Mongoose
Just came up reading through the old books, and I can't find an answer.

"Whenever an enemy unit completes a shoot action against one of your units" is a trigger for a reaction, but what does this actually mean?

~ Only the unit that the model you initially targeted (i.e. the one the fire zone is measured from) belongs to?

~ Any unit which has one or more damage dice assigned to at least one of its models?

~ Any unit with one or more models in the fire zone, even if none of them have damage dice assigned?

I was looking at some house rules I did a while back for using Battlefield Evo to do more detailed dogfighting for Babylon 5 fighters.
The situation came up where one unit was caught in a fire zone centred on a second, and I wasn't actually sure if the first unit was eligible to react as well or not.
Stumbled on this and thought id add.

the verbage can be tricky but we read it as, if action ends within 10in or you get shot at, you can react. Number of units reacting is up to the defender (that met the criteria) and its only 1 reaction per turn.
This would then apply if 2 units fall under 1 lethal zone which is referred to on page 15, the 3rd paragraph down.