Background Disciplines

Characters have a life before they start adventuring, even those, such as the Kai Lords, who spend much of their early childhood in training. Each character begins with 2 Background Disciplines. One of these may be a Cultural Discipline, based on the characters homeland, reflecting a races natural talents or background. General Disciplines, reflecting a characters natural talents, upbringing or personality traits, are gained during the characters formative years and may be taken by any race or culture.
Background disciplines are not possible to acquire later in life - they reflect a characters early life or natural abilities. If the Gm allows it, a player may exchange a general discipline with another, but only after a character has changed their physical, mental or social outlook in someway. This is likely top take some time, however, and a player should not make a habit of doing so, only after a dramatic shift in their character. Even then, such changes must be approved by the Gm applying a dose of common sense - a character could not, for example, suddenly become lucky, or gain a noble upbringing.

Each culture below offers a number of Cultural disciplines - each player may chooses one of those offered.

Sommlending Disciplines

Roofway Traveller
Due the overcrowded buildings of Holmgard, some residents take to leaping from roof to roof, known colloquially as the roof ways. A character with this discipline has spent time engaging in this perilous activity, and may add 2 to all tests involving leaping and jumping. Even if such as character fails in such a test, they are adept at landing less painfully, and may reduce all damage from falls by 2 Endurance points, down to a minimum of 1 Endurance.

Child of War
Sommlending are all trained at an early age, to use weapons. Those with this cultural discipline have taken well to weapons and may increase their starting Combat Skill by 1 point

Giak Slayer
Your family was brutally murdered at the hands of a Giak war party, but fortunately you escaped. Such is your hatred for these foul beasts, that you may add 2 to your Combat Skill when fighting Giaks or Szalls.

Born to the Sea
The first Sommlending were fierce sailors and characters with this discipline may draw on their racial knowledge. They add 2 to all rolls involving sailing or swimming

Miners Sight
You are a child of a Ruanese miner and know your way around a mine, even at an early age. As such, a character with this discipline is used to the gloom of such places and may reasonably well, even in darkness, as long as there is some light present.

Durenese Disciplines

Trusted Reputation
The Durenese have a reputation for being true to their word, and as such, characters with this Discipline may add 2 to all rolls when trading, or when convincing someone you are telling the truth.

Scholarly Education
Durenese have lived in peace for hundreds of years, and as such, they have developed a rich tradition of scholarly pursuits. A character with this discipline may add 2 to all rolls involving book learning and academic knowledge, such as literature or history.

Noodnic Friend
Durenese have bored great tunnels through the Hammerdal mountains. A character with this Discipline has spent some time in these tunnels and has experience with Noodnics, the mischievous intelligent rodents who live there. They may understand these strange creatures- communication is basic to say the least, but the character is seen as a friend to the colony and will not be attacked in their cavern homes. They may still be the victim of theft however - Noodnics just cant resist. If a character acts against the colony, such as slaying the Noodnics or steals their hoard of items, they will be treated as a dire enemy, and will be attacked on sight, often involving a swarm of Noodnic.

Secrets of the Smith
The Durenese have developed superior crafting skills, and a character with this discipline may, if equipped with suitable tools, may make rolls to create or repair metal items, weapons or armour. Such rolls are made at +2 so long as the character is using a full forge and workshop

Wildlander Disciplines

Hunter of the Wildlands
Some of the original Vassa tribes continued to survive in the harsh terrain of the wildlands. Characters with this Discipline may hunt for food in this harsh landscape, and never need to cross off a meal when instructed to, while they are in their homeland.

Born Fisherman
Your character has grown up in one of the fishing villages scattered along the northern edge of the Wildlands. As such, they do not need to cross off a meal so long as they are near a river or sea shore, and have a fishing net, or fishing pole.

Quick Repair
Wildlanders live in a dangerous part of Magnamund, and are constantly having to deal with hostile bandits, szalls or other more dangerous creatures. As such many have learnt to repair the damage done from these assaults quickly and effectively. A Character with this Discipline may add 2 to all rolls to repair items, so long as they have some basic tools. They may perform such repairs in half the usual time needed.

Szall Speak
A Wildlander with this discipline has some experience with the Szalls of the Wildlands, and may speak their language. When speaking their language, they are likely to be treated better by the Szalls, than most other humans

Kaltese Disciplines

Story Keeper
Very few Ice Barbarians are able to read or write - instead, their culture has a strong oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Story Keepers pass on this knowledge through dramatic stories, told around a blazing fire, as the flame dances on painted cave walls. They may add 2 to all rolls when recounting tales, or memorizing spoken words or phrases, so long as they are able to understand the language.

Ljuk Trader
Some Ice Barbarians meet each year at Ljuk, where they trade with the other human races. Some young Ice Barbarians, typically the child of such traders, mix with these strange folk, and even manage to pick up some of their language. They may understand one other language, typically Sommlending or Durenese, and may add 2 to all rolls when haggling goods.

Kaltersea Raider
A Character with this discipline has some experience of sailing across the treacherous Kaltersea, to raid settlements along the coast of the Wildlands. As such, they may add 2 to all rolls involving sailing, and fighting on board ships.

(Beast) Hunter
The character with this discipline has extensive knowledge of hunting either a Kalkoth, Baknar, or Mammoth (choose one). As such they add 2 to all rolls when fighting or tracking such beasts, and to all rolls regarding such creatures habits and tactics. In addition, Kalkoth Hunters may add 2 to resist those creatures deadly poison, Mammoth Hunters may add 2 when riding such beasts, and Baknar Hunters may create create twice as much baknar oil after a kill.

General Disciplines

The character has inherited an important item, be it an expensive item of jewelry, a minor magical object, or a finely crafted tool or weapon. Such items are typically no larger than a sword, and although expensive, not exceptionally so. In any event, unless in the direst of need, a character would not choose to sell such items, as they represent highly personal items to them, such as their fathers sword or a precious family heirloom past down from generation to generation. The player and Gm should decide on any minor effects such an item possesses, if the object is of exceptional quality or magical - However, unless such objects have serious limitations in their usage, they rarely grant more than a +1 bonus to appropriate rolls, when used.

The character has a flair for artistic pursuits, such as painting, sculpture or embroidery. Provided they have the correct tools, they may add 2 to all tests when creating works of art, and to tests when evaluating and identifying such work

A character with this discipline, is particularly light on their feet, and may add 2 to all tests involving agility, balance and acrobatics, either to overcome an obstacle, or to entertain a crowd.

Born Lucky
A character with this discipline is gifted by fortune, and may add 2 to rolls involving gambling, such as cartwheels, portholes, card games, or when betting on sports or gladiatorial combats. In addition, when testing for Blind Luck, they may add 1 to the result.

Favoured by Fate
For some reason, the character has been marked out by the Gods, who have decided to help them in some way. Once per game session, the player may re roll a single d10 roll, and use the more favorable result. In addition, once in a characters life, if a player is ever reduced to 0 Endurance, they are saved from such a fate. This is not without its price however, as the player will instead receive a serious injury, such as a lost hand or eye. This reduces their Combat Skill and Endurance (and Willpower if possessed) by 2 each, and the gm may reduce appropriate tests by -2, depending on the nature of the wound.

The character is particularly dexterous and may add 2 to all rolls involving picking pockets,disarming traps or lockpicking, or any rolls involving fine manipulation

Noble Birth
The character comes from a noble family, who own tracts of land and possibly a castle. They have lived a charmed life, and may add 2 to all rolls involving courtly etiquette, heraldry, courtly dances, hawking and other similar noble pursuits. In addition, the character starts with an additional 10 gold crowns, and eventually will inherit a great deal more over time. This of course, comes with its own problems, regarding family rivalries or enemies of the court, and obligations put upon such characters.

Keen Senses
The character is particularly observant, and may add 2 to all tests involving perception or awareness, such as spotting an ambush or discovering a hidden trap.

The character is particularly strong and muscular, and may add 2 to all tests involving brute strength and force. In addition, they may add 1 to all damage inflicted in melee or unarmed combat.

A character with this Discipline is particularly brave and courageous, may add 2 to all rolls to resist fear and intimidation

Street Rat
Born on the streets of one of Magnamund`s cities, characters with this discipline has learnt to survive by any means, by begging, scrounging for scraps, or hunting rats. As such, characters with this discipline may never need to eat a meal when instructed to, so long as they are in a city or large town.

The character is particularly resilient and hardy. They may increase their Endurance rating by 1, and may add 2 to all tests when resisting poison, disease and other physical hardships.

Iron Will
The character is exceptionally steely minded.They may add 2 to all tests when resisting mental or magical influences, and add 1 to their Willpower score, if possessed.

To be continued...