Babylon 5 Companion


To begin with , the Babylon Project system was a derivation (and a good one at that) of the excellent Full Thrust game , with a few rules modification to better reflect some specifics of the B5 universe . Both of them are easily playable and good wargames , and FT has a complete and well balanced ship design system to boot . Unfortunately , no one can figure which design system was employed by John Tuffley (the creator of FT) to make the BP ships , so seems that they are largely incompatible (at least in design terms)both with those of Babylon 5 wars game .
I tried to adapt these , but after a long time (and a lot of headaches) , I decided to simply write off the Beam system characteristical of the BP ships , and simply adapt the B5 wars weapons to those of FT .
If someone wants to take a good look at my work , here is a link , but it is in spanish , at least for now , until a friend of mine can fully translate it to english :
There also are some SCSs (or Ship's Control Display) refereed to some of the most emblematic warships of the B5 universe , like the Sharlinn , the Omega (alpha & beta) , several variants of the Hyperion and even my own take on icons as the Warlock and the Victory .
As some of these ships have been more or less also transferred to the new B5 RPG , they could be also employed in conjunction with the game , to represent at least big battles .


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i would be interested if you ever get it translated, when it is drop me a line at or at my email address if you still have it. :D


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