Babylon 5 Companion

Greg Smith

Signs and Portents has this listed in this month's releases. But it isn't mentioned at all in your scheduled releases. I imagine S&P goes to press too early to accomodate the delays caused by Warner's approvals.

Is it due soon, or is it planned for after the Centauri, Narn & technomages books?
I'm going to guess June for this one, give the Centauri and Narn books time to go through as well as the last two season books to go through. That'll account for time for approval and the Babylon curse to factor in.
On the Babylon Project Yahoo group Matthew Sprange said this...

> Matthew, any new news of the Centauri book or the Narn book?

Narn is about to go into the approval process.

> How about the Compendium since it is no longer on the list of future
> products?

I was really not happy with the way the Compendium was shaping up, so I
decided to pull it for now. The next big rules change will now come in the
form of an advanced space combat box set later in the year. The Compendium
will follow some time after that.

Hope that helps!


Bye for now
Advanced space combat boxed set!!!

Gimme, gimme, gimme. :D

Matt, can you give us any hints as to whats going to be in it? Are there going to be minis?
Go on Matt, spill the beans... :D

Shame about the Compendium (from a fan point of view) but if it makes it a better product, from a different or adjusted content point of view, then the wait will have to be borne out.

I'd like to say the same for the starship battles game, but I'm quite interested in it too. The wait for this one is going to be absolutely terrible... 8)
It will offer variant rules and fix some inconsistencies like the ship sizes. Also, it will add a lot of tools aimed at Game Masters, although no specifics were ever given. Similar to D&D Unearthed Arcana, me think. Personally, I'm glad they wait for this one to get it right and I hope they will include an up-to-date errata in it, for all the books. In previous threads, they asked what we wanted in it. You can read it here and here.
The next big rules change will now come in the
form of an advanced space combat box set later in the year. The Compendium
will follow some time after that.

well.... the shit`s really hitting the fan at the B5Wars site. :wink:

you`ve stirred up a hornets nest with that statement. :lol:
In a good or bad way?

well, lets see........ you pay maybe a several hunderd quid over a few years for the books, the suppliments and the minis ...... and then another company brings out a new system for the same stuff (probably making the old stuff redundant/irrelevant).

i think you could say they are slightly pissed off. :wink:
I understand their concern, but I see it that way: for people like me who missed the B5Wars train, i'ts good news since a lot of minis are virtually impossible to find these days. Also, there is nothing preventing them from using their B5Wars minis instead. I don't know, guess we'll have to wait and see how they turn out...
Let's just say that the ASC box set will certainly be playable with miniatures, of which there are some excellent ones out there... :)

with regard to the ASC rules and game system, what would be it`s closest game equivalent with regard to playing style/playability be?

eg; Full Thrust, Battle Fleet Gothic, B5Wars, Fleet Action, Starmada, Babylon Project, etc :?:

i know that this game is targeted at RPG gamers, which not a problem for me, as i`m still playing the old "Babylon Project" ship combat system in prefference to B5Wars anyway. :D

as i`m still saving up to buy your books, an example from them would leave me none the wiser. :?