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Should Mongoose eventually offer a bits program.

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Hey I was wondering if Mongoose has any plans for a bits program to call to arms. I am a mad converter and I see some bits offered Since buying multiple ships for conversion purposes alone could get expensive. Are there any plans to do this in the future. AOG used to sell blister packs of bits but there are some big ship parts I would love to have. let me know if this something everyone would like to see, I have included a pole for everyone to share there thoughts
I think somewhere on these forums I read that Mongoose had the intention to let us buy bits when they started the miniatures line. I don't know if this is still the intent.

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Hi guys,

It is our intention to offer this eventually (we do with, for example, our Mighty Armies range) but it is going to take a while - at the moment, production is flat out just trying to keep up with the regular orders!

Any chance of making the bases available so we can change B5W bases to ACTA so when I buy some (more) new ships they all look the same.
Most stores that carry GW will carry both sizes of flying base. I bought a bag of each at my FLGS a few weeks ago.

The old circular bases for Full Thrust are also about the same size. And they're metal.
I think there might be 3 sizes of base from Mongoose, there are at least 2 though. And Croaker is right, they have large and small bases in GW shops.