B5 miniatures?


Since Mongoose is coming out with miniatures for the starship troopers game. Is there a chance of seeing any new B5 miniatures and maybe even seeing some B5 PC miniatures based on the races seen on the show?
i don`t think they will be re-doing the old ones anytime soon, new ships would be nice.

as the counters for the new B5 space game appear to be in the B5Wars scale, any minis might also be in that scale, though i always preferred the smaller Fleet Action scale for ease of use.

given that this is for a RPG, i would think that Player Character minis would be a very good idea, i liked the ones that Harlequin produced a while back.

things seem to be looking up anyway for all of us B5 fanatics out there. :D
For Player Characters , you can use the Space Station Range by Ground Zero Games/Eureka . They are modelled after EF officers , and have a good quality . I have both a male and a Female Officers (there are 2 variants of both) and I am currently painting them as EF fleet officers , perhaps I could post pics of them on a friend's homepage in a week or two .
As per other characters , both GZG/Eureka and Denizen miniatures have a wide range of good quality SF troopers , characters , creatures and equipment that can be useful for RPG . I am planning on paint several Denizen space adventurers in a Firefly-sort of fashion when I'm finished with the EF officers .
I also have a few Harlequin B5 minis . They are of 28mm scale , and not really compatible with the previous companies 25mm figures . They have good quality (for their price) , but unfortunatelly they are no longer produced or avaiable .

Links :
Ground Zero Games : http://www.gtns.net/gzg/
Eureka Miniatures : http://www.eurekamin.com.au/
Denizen Miniatures : http://www.denizenminiatures.co.uk/Main.htm