ATTN DESIGN TEAM: Original vs. AE design questions.


These may be answered somewhere else in the forums, but they seem to vague to search properly. Since I'm going through and writing up a version errata, I'm finding some changes, mostly in the form of omissions, that just seem arbitrary or at least not self explanitory at face value. Any explanation of these items would be apprecieated.

I also have some insights in the form of resonable additions to the text that may be useful to players. An example might be the addition of redundant Spot capability to notice Sleight of Hand attempts, or even Synergy bonus to Spot for a 5+ Sleight of Hand skill rank. Stuff like that.

Anyway, withough further adieu:
  2. In relation to the Move skill, the original edition had a capabliity to remove reduction in Base Move. The original occurance was due to "caltrop wounds", but there's not really any indication why this is omitted in the AE. Is it because no means of reducing Base Move exists in Conan? I can't find reference to Base Move reduction anywhere.
  3. Sense Motive no longer is indicated as being able to "detect enchantment", and is instead more specifically only able to "detect hypnotism". The example enchantment type spell in the original edition is listed as dominate person, which is presumably intended to be the Hypnotism spell Dominate that exists in both editions. Was this intended to mean that any Hypnotism spell can be detected, but not other enchantments?

  4. In the table for Leadersip, in the collumns for Number of Followers by Level, the collumn for 1st level Followers ends at 800 at a Leadership Score of 28. In the previous addition, this collumn went on to 4000. Was this collumn ended on purposes or accidentally? (goodness knows that 800 loyal followers is quite enough, but I thought is was worth asking)
  5. Superior Armorer states that such armor takes "significantly longer" because of it's high cost, however, the +5 to DC that it necessitates only raises the cost of materials by 25sp and the DC for an average suit of armor (say DR5) would be DC20, easily made by a character possessing the requisite Craft (armor) 12+ ranks. I suppose it takes 5 weeks longer than non-superior armor might, but for a less skilled artisan, DC20 might take longer. Am I missing an element, or is it to mean that the duration to create is just 5 weeks longer due to the +5DC augmentation?