Assaulting grounded spacecraft


Banded Mongoose
I am planning a situation where a grounded spacecraft is being used as a base. There will be the possibility that this will need to be defended from ground assault. If the craft was armoured I would use 10x the armour value as protection for occupants. The craft I have in mind is not armoured, how would you set the protection offered by a unarmoured spacecraft against small arms fire?
I assume that the rule "A Traveller attacking a Spacecraft with a Ground scale weapon will divide its damage by 10" is against ships of any kind, armoured or not. Many ships don't have an armour rating. particularly not the ones the players usually get hold of.
For those ships with an armour, this could be act as a further damage reduction against any successful damage, unless it was done by stuff that ignores armour. (just as it would in ship to ship combat).
I agree with the divide by 10, but that in my mind is attacking the ship with intent to dame the ship. My situation is that the ship is essentially a set of fortifications and people will be trying to attack the defenders as apposed to the ship.
For example I was thinking about characters using the craft as cover and what sort of armour protection can I give someone who is using a dismantled turret as a snipers nest or shooting from the airlock.
Oh, ok. I would just use these twos line from Core book table on cover:

Cover Bonus Protection
Armoured Vehicle +15
Fortifications +20

It is cumulative with personal armour, so they will be very well protected.
Plus they also get -2 to being hit for being in cover.

You could have other situation rules too like no enemy weapons can make use of blast radius if they are firing out of small slits.
From Babylon 5:
Londo: "Yes, your ships are very impressive in the air or in space, but at this moment they are on the ground."
Mr.Morden: "Right, they are on the ground. But they can sense a ship miles away.So what do you wanna do Molari, blow up the island?"
Londo: "Actually, now that you mention it." (sends remote signal to nuclear bombs).

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