Armageddon: 2089 - does anybody actually *play* this game?


Armageddon: 2089 - does anybody actually *play* this game? Is it playable, as written?

I went into Armageddon 2089 with great faith. I bought the game so I could build mechs for my Chaos Space Marine characters in a fan-made d20 supplement for Warhammer 40,000. I bought the book so I could build mecha for by d20 Modern and d20 characters.

So how well did that work out?

Well, the rulebook is difficult to read with its backgrounds and is very complicated. The review online at and here on the forums haven't been too kind to it.

I bought the main rulebook, but see no point in actually running a game, let alone buying the extra books. I'm thoroughly annoyed the game gives War Meks their own size chart instead of using the standard chart all d20 games use.

Also all the vehicles, jets, tanks, helicopters and military equipment has been resized and restatted to fit this new size chart. WHY? Why in the hell would you go the route making a whole new size chart and rules which is only compatible with, and used by other Armageddon 2089 books, instead of using the size chart used by every other d20 book out there, including d20 Modern, d20 Future, d20 Mecha and every other d20 book out there.

Would using existing sizes *really* have been so bad? IT'S SO ANNOYING.

You're shooting at a Gargantuan mech, right? Shouldn't it be easier to hit? And if it is, but this is an issue, wouldn't modifiers to distance/weather cancel it out?

For that matter, the game should have been an add-on to d20 Modern or d20 Future, not D&D. Like the Judge Dredd RPG, it's weird to see a sci-fi game as an add-on to a fantasy game.

The game lacks "basic" WarMeks to pilot as well, and instead lists a bunch of multi-million dollar monstrosities a first-level character will never see, let alone be able to pilot. This information should have been saved for a supplemental book, and instead listed basic WarMek for entry-level characters.

Has anybody actually run a Mercenary company using the rules, as written? I see no threads on this forum?

Also, and this is a minor complaint, but there are no miniatures to play this out as a game. I know Battletech and EM-4 have this covered, but still. How do you actually run a game showing which mechs are where. The game mentions hexes, but not what they are, how wide they are, how much ground they cover, or what scale the game it. I assume 1:285 or 1:300, but you'd never know it from reading the book.

In the future, I really hope the re-release this book with a cleaner page layout, clarified rules, and a size category chart that compatible with every other d20 book out there. It's so annoying to have one d20 book and game system that's not really compatible with everything else in my collection.