Are there any official ships with breakaway hull?


Banded Mongoose
I like breakaway hulls. I find it offers up the ability to craft an overall ship that has a flexibility of operation I enjoy. You can do similar with docking bays or clamps but neither are as elegant, nor do they capture my imagination the way a breakaway hull does.

That said I am not aware of any official ship that has a breakaway hull and I find the absence odd given the standard ships are meant to show the cross section of the rules. I am aware of the Fessor (though I have not looked at it yet) but am more interested in any official ship.
The Deepnight Endeavor in the Great RIft adventure: Deepnight Endeavor is a Breakaway design ship. The Breakaway modules are 10 000 tons in size, Massive fuel tanks that can act as shuttles with 27 years of fuel :p

The ship as a whole is 100,000 tons with 6 Breakaway sections.