Anybody playing in Huddersfield?


I'm startting to be settled to UK so now time to start looking for games. Anybody here who lives in Huddersfield and plays SST? Would be nice to play game or two here and there of SST but before I ask my parents to post my miniatures I would like to know wether there's need for them.

Very near to Huddersfield might do the trick if you can give me bloody good advice on how to get there :lol: Not good on trying to find my way around :oops:

I can bring in 2000 points of MI goodiness(more if I start adding some serious upgrades. And yes this invariably means nukes) though I'm starting to look for adding some new stuff(with release of marauder platoon box that sure seems attractive idea :twisted: ) into the mix.

Concidering how "great" local miniature store is for SST(worse than I thought possible!) I'm not holding my breath but you never know. Somebody just might suprise you...