Any of you have modified the rules?

Clovenhoof said:
Note that my original system does not consider additional bonuses like Trip. I suppose it would be worth another point, but then you'd also have to rebalance the Bill and what other Trip weapons there might be. Whether you do it or not is up to you.
The trip/disarm bonuses as well as the AP could be worth something, but it would be a little bit fastidious. Too much work when common sense (and some good feedback :wink: ) is enough.

The spiked chain as such is simply too cool to be left out of the game. ^^ I understand it's been left out of Conan because there's probably no weapon like it ever mentioned in Howard's stories, but then again, I use my own setting, and I think it fits well into the genre. ^^
And if your PC's will face some gladiator fights in your games, it's fun to use a few unusual weapons.