Any Chance of Pre-Painted RuneQuest Minis?

Jeff Cope

With the recent BF Evo and SST Evo announcements and mention of possible pre-painted ACTA minis...I was wondering if there were any plans or thoughts about produciing pre-painted minis for RuneQuest?

I hope so!

I would guess no, unless there were a RQ mass combat game on the cards.

Usually plastic production requires huge numbers of miniatures to offset the costs of mastering, so it tends to be impossible unless you know large numbers of people are all going to buy large numbers of that miniature to make it worth making them. RPG minis on their own simply don't generate enough sales to make them worth doing in plastic.


Of course, Mongoose may have some other new technology up their sleeves that makes "short run" plastics a feasible option. It would be nice if they had :)
I'm not very much into Minis, I tend to think of RPG as a game without figures, I only hand out the occasional map.
Anyhow I'd like to see some pre-painted (my painting skill's not existing!) for their "smaller" series as well. Though RQ is by no means a smaller series. If the first books sell rather good, I'd say that the Mongoose is probably considering some minis for the line. Even LoneWolf had a few metal minis to accompany the RPG line. Now that's a thought: Make me some LoneWolf pre-painted plastics and I'm all game :)
Sigtrygg said:
Hmm, a RuneQuest based mass combat game...

yes please!

I agree. I always thought such a game would be a nice compliment to the RPG, much like SST Minis and RPG ('though better integrated, hopefully).

Matt did mention a fantasy game for next summer. Front runner was Conan, followed by RQ and Lone Wolf. I'd put the money on Conan, but we'll see!