Another release of my character sheet...

enmass, if you could, without too much trouble, please gen up a char sheet for OGL steampunk as well.
Unfortunately, but understandably, Emass has made it clear in the past (and on his website) that he does not do requests. And, the RPing world is the poorer for it.

Fortunately, he covers every d20 game I play (D&D, Lone Wolf, Conan).
Ah, understandable, yet sad. :( But yes, the lonewolf char specific sheets were pretty sweet.
Hey, glad you like the new sheet, guys 8)

As for your post, Xex, honestly, it's not for lack of interest or mean attitude, but I basically accept very few requests because of 2 big constraints: time and budget...

Time is always too little, and budget... well, let's just say I currently already spend waaay too much on RPG's, so at the moment I really must stick to the campaigns I already planned buying books for.

I'm really sorry to turn down requests... Steampunk for example sounds cool, but I know my gaming buddies' tastes, and we're surely not going into steampunk at the moment, so...