Ancients - Non lethal Wounds?


I am completely sold on the wound system set up in Ancients.

However, why is unarmed combat considered non-lethal in regards to wounds?

I saw that unarmed combat is considered bludgeoning, but is it still treated as non-lethal? Is that correct?

I watched Fight Club (again for the upteenth time) and some of those guys were nursing "wounds" well into the next day after non-lethal combat.
By default, yes. If a character has Improved Unarmed Strike (which any character focussing on boxing in the ancient world would have, I think), then they can choose to deal lethal damage instead.

However, even without the feat, you can take a -4 penalty to hit and switch your damage between non-lethal and lethal, or vice versa. (An example of the revese would be hitting someone with the flat of a sword, for instance.) This is described on p138.
I love the Wounds system presented in Ancients as well. I plan on using it in all of my D20 fantasy games...