Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia.


I have seen Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia recommended as a good source of Conan adventures, adventure ideas and setting material. A quick peruse leads me to thinking it certainly looks like it might make a worthwhile purchase.

Has anyone here used said book, either with Conan or another d20 ruleset? Opinions?
Have not had a chance to look at the book yet. However, you may find the following useful;
Have ordered it, but have yet to receive it. It should arrive later this week. Will post comments when I can look through the book.
I stand corrected. Instead of later this week, it arrived today. I bought it on e-bay on Friday. Nice surprise. On first glance, it looks like a very interesting adventure for either D&D or Conan.

Pages 2-13 give background history of the area (most of the described cities are easily adapted to Conan).

Pages 14-35 covers character classes, prestige classes and some new spells (I skipped over this part as I plan on using it with Conan and don't neeed the class info).

Pages 36-43 covers religion (very adaptable to the lands of Shem).

Pages 44-146 covers the adventure (over a hundred pages).

Pages 147-173 cover old (adapted) and new monsters.

I'm currently on page 53 with my reading. So far I like what I've read. Very easy to drop this into the deserts east of Shem. I haven't yet read any of the heavier parts of the adventure, but if they are are par with the writing of the early parts of the book I'm hooked.

There are several good maps (towns, countryside and buildings) throughout the book. Sometimes you might go 4-5 pages without artwork. However, the art that is in the book looks great and adds to the overall feel of the book.

The price is $23.99, but I picked it up for a bit less than that including shipping.
I never read the aforementioned book, but I've long been fascinated with the Mesopotamian era. I even took an Akkadian class once. :) At the time, the prof borrowed me a great book with lots of photos and text, can't remember the title though. Expect it to be one of those $60 tomes.

More recommended reading: Gilgamesh. There are various versions of that one, so try comparing reviews before you get one. I was very happy with my version titled "Gilgamesh, King of Uruk".

BTW: any idea how to weave in Tiamat into the Conan setting?