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since mongoose tried so hard to get aliens vs predator and failed due to money laundering bitch-ass film dudes, i've bin trying to convert it over to STT rules but i in need of some help with model ideas and rules,playtesting e.t.c. so heres what i got so far, please tell me what u think and have a small game with proxy models to see if stats and points are fair.

Type /Value/Move/Combat/Target/Save/Kill/Traits
Colonial marine 20 4 D6 3+ 5+ 6+
Corporal 40 4 D6 3+ 5+ 6+
Sergeant 60 4 D6 3+ 5+/6+ 6+
Weapon:M41A pulse rifle with underslung G/L (morita with frag grenades only)
Unit options: corporal for +20 points
medic for + 15 points
Equipment Options: Anti-Acid Armour for + ? points per model
Weapon Options:Frag grenades for + 5 points per model
Nerve gas grenades for + 10 points per model
up to 2 models may exchange pulse rifle for:
Shotgun at + ? points
Flamethrower at + 10 points
Smartgun at + ? points

Type /Value/Move/Combat/Target/Save/Kill/ Traits
Hunter 100 6 2xD6+2 6+ 3+ 8+ Piercing/2, cloak

Weapons: Plasma discharge cannon, wrist blades
Equipment Options: Constrictor nets for + ? points
Self destruct for + ? points

Plasma Discharge Cannon: Range=20/Damage=2xD10/Type=Infinite/Traits=Piercing/1

Type /Value/Move/Combat/ Target/Save/Kill/ Traits
Alien Warrior 10 6 2xD6 or D6+3 4+ 5+ 7+ Piercing/1, climb/8
(acid blood rule maybe)

First off, no wingeing that they are too good or weak com[ared to a cap trooper or warrior bug because they aint made to fight them so comparison is pointless. second, question marks mean i either aint sure on points or what it'll do yet so ideas are welcome
tell me what u dudes think and if u wanna help

p.s: sorry its a bit confusing but it copied from word, if you have e-mail i can send u the word document cos it easier to understand
I use these figures. They are approx 1/20 scale and I use modified Space Hulk rules. Each player has one predator and has to kill as many Alines as possible and get out of the spaceship alive to win.

This company also produced Alien figures from all 4 films. I think the only place you can now buy them is on Ebay.

Copplestone Castings used do a fine set of Predator figures in 28mm. Leading edge, now defunct had a lot of Alien figures, but these were 25mm scale and not very good sculpts.

So there are figures around if you are prepared to do a bit of hunting. But I also wish someone would do a definitve line of 28mm Aliens vs Predator figures in 28mm.

I don't know if the SST rules would work without a bit of tweaking. Aliens hide in shadows and Predators are invisible. How would the reaction phase work effectivly?
captainavenger said:
I don't know if the SST rules would work without a bit of tweaking. Aliens hide in shadows and Predators are invisible. How would the reaction phase work effectivly?

these my main problems, bnut aliens dont always hide, remember the flashback scene from AvP on top of the piramid, and the startegy game had them as a horde army aswell. predators invisibility could make it so u can only see him in reaction range or summat but to even it up he cant shoot while invisible. predators are very high points so they need some cloaking rules cos in most of my playtests they get owned by aliens. still it in early stages and any advice would be appreciated.
also thanx for the model ideas
That game would be a terrain nightmare. hiding and sneaking around type terrain. maybe tunneling markers for sneaking around in ductwork.
In the books, Aliens aren't effected by the predator cloak.... they can still see them. So it would be a straight war game between the two. But with none of the feel of the films. It needs it's own set of rules, that's the problem with trying to 'adapt' stuff. SST is a true war game, big battles and excellent rules to represent this. A vs P is skirmish, it needs more detailed rules. (Gangs of mega city one should work........and it's the same familly of rules). Preds wouldn't fight a war, it's all individual combat, as for the aliens.... endless tides of insect like hive-mind controlled creatures? SST already has those :)
How about using a squad of MI as 'gang' models in a game vs a predator in GOMC1? MI sent in to investigate why citizens are dissapearing?
You could use preds as a race in SST but they would never feel like theo nes in the films or books.
Here's my 2 cents:
First, to cover the issue of how cloaking would work. Aliens can sense the cloaked Predators, as evidenced in the AvP flick. To even up for the humans, add motion trackers to their equip list for 50pts. This would allow for a more even ground for all. The Aliens would be able to "sense" the cloaked Predators inside of their reaction range. The humans could use the motion trackers to detect the cloaked Predators that end their movement inside of their reaction range. Next, for the Aliens shadow-hugging trait, they would receive a concealment bonus anytime they were within 1" of any terrain feature, whether they are behind the item or not. As for firing while cloaked, I would allow for it as it has been done in all movies thus far and is in keeping with the character's abilities. Just give the targets of the Predator the ability to shoot back, but with a -2 to wound or something (making the Predator Target 6+/Kill 9+), to simulate them firing in the general direction they were shot from. I think this helps to even the field while keeping with the feel of the movies.
Now, as for the costs/stats of the weapons you marked with ?, here's what I think: The shotgun should be treated (stats wise) as a Bugshot grenade for +15 pts; the smartgun should be treated as a Twin .50 (minus the "crew" type) and cost +60 or more. The Predator's Self-destuct should be treated as an M-999A2 Atomic Ajax Munition, with the need for an "activation" role to be used, and only as a "last-ditch" weapon, as in the movies. The Constrictor nets, just use the rules for the Skinnies Constrictor rifles, at a cost of +20 pts. Also, let's not forget the Predator's rookie hunters. They should cost between 20 and 40 pts(or so), and should have the following stat line:
Type /Value/Move/Combat/Target/Save/Kill/ Traits
Trainee ? 6 2xD6 5+ 4+ 7+ Piercing/1, cloak
As for the Aliens Acid Blood, make it a Ranged attack, but only used when Retaliate comes into play, and with the following stats:
Range/Damage/ Type / Traits
- D10+2 Internal Retaliate(only), Persistent, LZ (2")
For what they're worth, those are my thoughts. :D
Heres the link for the copplestone figs. I've got some and use them with Necromunda Gangers and modified Space Hulk rules Version1.1.
The 'Hulk Floor tiles work really well.

Just scroll down 'till you get to "Hunter Aliens" & "Hunter Aliens with Guns"
roughneck u said every idea i was thining but the constrictor nets. theres no reason use them as worse in everyway to the plasma cannon so i think they need some srt of special rule, apart from that i like
Thanks, ianvancheese. As for the Constrictor nets, how's this?
Range 18/ Damage D10/ Type One-Shot!/ Traits Persistant, Piercing/1, Ready, and LZ (2" or 3").
Giving it a Persistant trait shows the continual squeezing of the net and Piercing/1 shows it's ability to tear through even armored foes. Make it a Ready to show the skill needed to line-up the shot, and a One-Shot to show that it is a limited availibility/powerful weapon. Limited to 1 per Predator, at 30 or more pts, with a LZ of 2" or 3", you have some serious squad crushing power! :wink:
How's that?
didnt even know mongoose tried to get this license,, too bad, ive been wishing for a AVP mini game for something like 4 years... oh well...
JoseDominguez said:
How about using a squad of MI as 'gang' models in a game vs a predator in GOMC1?
I cant remember who it was, but somebody made rules for predators in GoM-C1. I think it was someone working on future gangs supplements, but i cant remember who it was.

Brett Hartt
For invisibility markers use a penny or gem marble. The preditor is with a 2" area around the marker. This can also be used for hiding makers.

Aliens use motion/ aura sense. Treat as motion tracker. In the book aliens bishop shutdown completely in the pipe and waited for the alien to leave.

As for acid use a 1" area marker for splash and use blister acid rules.
same for the constrictor net.

The speargun used in preditor2 would simply be a sniper rifle. The disc and spears would be the odd weapons.

At least that is how we play it.
companies that make good alien proxyes East Riding Company, Kryomek, 1st Corps

Predator mines:

Ground Zero Games, Coppelstone Castings
I agree w/ captainavenger 28-30mm minitures would be nice for AVP game. Rules? who needs rules just cool minitures. We can make own rules. :p
yeah i seen all them, and played avp extinction which really helped.
anyway, here are my rules so far for brawlers (trainee dudes) and hunters as well as what i got for special rules and weapons.

Traits: Piercing/2, Cloak.
Weapon:Wrist Blades
Equipment options
Self Destruct + 20 pts per model
Constrictor Nets + 30 pts per model

Traits: Piercing/2, Cloak.
Weapon: Wrist Blades, Plasma Discharge Cannon
Equipment options
Laser Targeters +20 pts per model
Heat Vision +25 pts per model
EM Field Vision +25pts per model
Pred-Tech Vision +25 pts per model
Self Destruct +20 pts per model

Weapons and abilities
Plasma Discharge Cannon
Range:20,Damage: 2xD10,Type: Infinite, Traits: none

Constrictor Net
Range:18,Damage: D10,Type: One-Shot!,
Traits: Persistant, Piercing/1, Ready, LZ'2

Self Destruct
Range: Special Ready Action, Counts as plasma munition

Special ready action or reaction, remove all models in unitand replace unit leader with a cloaking marker. Cloaked models may not fire weapons and automatically de-cloak after a charge action. while cloaked models may not be fired at, charged or reacted to unless the unit has motion trakers e.t.c
good stats but what about the medi-com(pred healing device)?
im eventually going to make avp rules
ive also played extinction and beat it :wink:
maybe a personal medic ability, if it dies it is just lane down on its side and has to role on the medic table evry action till it dies or gets up.
they need some more rules cos at mo theyu get owned by aliens
p.s i also beat extintion sept for last marine mission which just seemed to try to hard and had to many 'suprises'