Alien Vs Predator

would you play an AvP miniatures game

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last marine level wasn't that hard just used up atmos money and killed dozens o enemies and bought lots of exosuits and smart' and sadars 8)


yeah okies, i gonna need some help from you to make hydras and blazers later on in this project, the one man armies of the predators
currently im getting bits and supplies and trying to make rules for a avp movie variant. for the map ill make a vertical map of the whaling station all the way down to the queens chamber,there will even be those trap doors that some plot characters fall into,I could go on for ever about how much id make to give it as much of the movie I can
I even sculped 7 alien eggs :twisted:


maybe this has already been mentioned but if you want some more ideas, read the graphic novel of AvP... any of the other pred comics, or read the novels.

btw its great that your doing this


anywho, hears the Marine squads rules

Colonial Marine Squad
Every Colonial Marine squad consists of 1 sergeant and 4 marines
(175 points total). Up to 5 extra marines may be added to the squad at + 25 points each.
M41A Pulse Rifle with underslung G/L
Unit Options
Corporal: one marine may be promoted to corporal for +25 points
Medic: one marine may be promoted to Medic for + 15 points
Equipment Options
One model may be equipped with a Motion Tracker for + 50 points
Weapon Options
Frag Grenades for + 5 points per model
Nerve gas canisters for + 10 points per model
Up to 2 models may swap their pulse rifles and underslung G/L for one of the following:
ZX-M10 Shotgun at + 15 points
M-240 Flamer at + 10 points
MA-56 Smartgun at + 60 points

Colonial Marine
Value: 25, Size:1, Move:4, Close Combat:D6, Target:3+,Save:5+,Kill:6+
Traits: none

Corporal has same stats, sergeant gains 6+ dodge save.

Pulse Rifle and underslung G/L: count as morita with only frag grenades for underslung G/L
Shotgun: counts as bugshot grenade but is a squad wepon
Flamer: as flamer
Smartgun: as twin 50 autocannon but is a squad weapon
nice maybe for the marines to look more like add a bit that looks like a shoulder lamp(shoulder-mounted light) and paint them like they are in aliens.I've read a graphic novel of aliens.
maybe predators should have fire immunization because in the movie mr Weyland torched the predator and it just got pissed off and killed him without being lit on fire by his blow torch.
you know, it would be great to see things like this and maybe a few others made that are completely compatible to sst. would expand the number and types of games that can be played, not to mention colonial marines are right up there in coolness with the MI.


I disagree, I think that if people keep doing this kind of thing it will take away from (and mabe ultimately ruin) this awsome game.

Ok, so there only 2 and 1/2 armies at the moment.. so what? be patient and it will all come togather..

As far as this particular this goes, if you really MUST play a Aliens type senario, just use straight MI as Marines, and Bugs as aliens.. EASY!

As far as other armies go, why not think up some ideas for skinnies / machine race and give mongoose some cool ideas that way.

Personally I wouldn't want them getting the license for AvP even if it used SST rules, cos it will take away form what they can release for SST, and that would be bad.. remember, resources are limited( for us customers and Mongoose), so lets keep focused people!!