Age of Conan Comic


Dark Horse And Funcom Creates Unique 'Age Of Conan' Comic
by Jay

Funcom announces the creation of a unique comic book specifically designed to tie-in with the storyline of ‘Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures’, the highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO). The comic is created by the award-winning Dark Horse Comics team, and Conan luminaries like Cary Nord, Scott Allie, Gaute Godager, Tim Truman and Tone Rodriguez are creatively involved. The unique comic book will premiere at the Comic-Con convention this summer, and will be printed in 400.000 copies.

“Everyone at Funcom is in awe of the tremendous quality of the Conan comic books, and we were thrilled we could work with Dark Horse on a comic tying into our game,” said Gaute Godager, co-founder of Funcom and Game Director on ‘Age of Conan’. “I feel certain the comic will deliver a brutal and entertaining experience, and I hope this will mark the start of additional co-developed projects in the years to come.”

"All of us at Dark Horse are truly excited to see one of our favorite properties brought to life in the video game world." said Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Comics. “We are very impressed with what Funcom has done with the Conan license, and we have worked closely with them on this project to ensure consistency in story and art direction. The end result will take the character in new and exciting directions beyond the pages of the comic itself."

Some of the Mongoose crew has worked on this game so this comic should be a great insight into the world of Hyboria created for the Age of Conan game. Might answer some questions!

Who's picking this up? Besides me! :lol:
Damn! Awesome news! I'm really interested in the game, but even more in that comic!

I don't want to be rude, but, could you give us the source?
Thanks Strom! I'm very excited about this title, a little worried too, the game is HUGE and that could mean some problems with the depth of the world.

I saw a video with some footage and the character creation is awesome, the combat looks decent, but nothing great, and I have to say that the world looks beautiful.

The thing that worries me is the combat, not sure but it looks like it may get old quickly, but I might be wrong, the video I saw showed little about combat. Also how faithful is gonna be to the "true" hyborian age, I don't want a generic world as a excuse for this game.