Advice for an EA Tournement Fleet

Nice result. :D Good playin'.
The two Shadow hunters and scout combo is afterall considered to be the most cheezy'st afther the 10 Saggi fleet (and variations) :roll:
Cap'n Silvereye said:
Well done on the result. What fleet did you choose in the end and how did you think the ships in it performed?

The Novas and Saggittarius have done the most work. I wonder how much critical I get with those two ships.

And the Artemis was a perfect Initative sink which has done a lot of Damage to the Centauri and ISA. It was a sight when the ISA Player discovered, that the Artemis has 6 AD Anti-Fighter, Twin-Linked (and weak :( ) Weapons.
And the same for the Sags. He tried to get his ships so, that my AF Weapons can´t attack him.

I put the Sags and the Novas on the side, the Hyperion in the middle and one Artemis left and right of the Hyperion.
The Broadsides of the Novas and the Sags are cool. In the Last round there was one white Star on the left side and one on the right side of an Saggittarius.
And I used the Novas and Artemis to reduce the Interceptors of the Primuses, so that my Missiles can hit the ship better.

And I´ve got many ships in Crossfire between the Sags and the Novas.

Also this fleet choice was a good one. And the Hull 5 of the Artemis was one reason, that my fleet has no so great looses against ISA and Centauri.
Nice to hear one's advice leads to good results. :wink:
Of couse a capable Admiral is a neccesity for such admireable victory's :D

Here you see, what shouldn´t happen if you play a White Star ISA Fleet ;) .
Something bothers me.

In the Battle against the Shadows I lost, because it was Anhilation and he killed all my ships, but not my fighters.
And the Judge ruled, that I lost, because all my ships are destroyed, and the Fighters from these ships don´t count, because they were not a Patrol choice.
Were he right or not ?