Good size EA fleet for sale


Thinking of selling my EA fleet which has basically only been gathering dust since I bought it because I'm too lazy to actually paint it.
Wondering if anyone would be willing to take it off my hands.
Note that it will be shipped from Sweden.
No clue as to what it's actually worth but PM with an offer and we will talk :)

4x Tethys Cutter (unbroken blister)
4x Chronos Frigate (1x unbroken blister, 2x unpainted, 1x painted)
1x Explorer Survey Ship (Unpainted, unsassembled)
1x Poseidon Super Carrier (Unpainted, partially assembled)
2x Delphi Scout (1x unpainted, 1x painted. For some reason one is larger than the other)
2x Warlock Adv Cruiser (Unpainted, unsassembled)
1x Marathon Adv Cruiser (Unpainted, unsassembled)
1x Tantalus Assault Cruiser (Unpainted, unsassembled)
3x Apollo Cruiser (Unpainted, unsassembled)
2x Hyperion Cruiser (painted)
2x Omega Destroyer (1x unbroken blister, 1x unpainted, unassembled)
1x Sagittarius Missile Cruiser (unpainted, unassembled)
2x Oracle Scout Cruiser (1x unbroken blister, 1x painted)
1x Orestes System Monitor (unbroken blister)
1x Shadow Omega (unbroken blister)
3x White Star (painted)
4x Stands Thunderbolt Fighters (unpainted, unassembled)
4x Stands Starfury Fighters (unpainted, unassembled)

This list is missing a few ships and I'm not sure exactly which ones. Going to add them once I go get them back.