Anyone interested in an Abbai fleet?


Just clearing out stuff I will never paint or play with. First up is an Abbai fleet consisting of the following:

1x Juyaca Dreadnought ($15.95 ea)
2x Abbai fleet box - listed below are totals for each ship ($99.95 ea)
-- 4 Lakara
-- 8 Bimith
-- 2 Shayarie
-- 6 Tiraca
-- 16 flights Kotha fighters
3x Tiraca Frigates ($18)
2x Shyarie Frigates (11.95 ea)
2x Milani Carriers ($11.95 ea)

Also have some custom plastic mine tokens I had made by Litko that I will throw in for free.

Retail for all of this was US$281.65. Asking $200 OBO for the lot plus shipping. I will ship internationally. My eBay ID is glc in case you need references. I have 100% positive feedback there since 1998 I think.

Everything is NIB/unpainted/unassembled except one of the Milani's which is unassembled/unpainted in a plastic bag. I will try to post pics a bit later for anyone interested.

PM me if interested.

Cheers, Gary
Hey G,

I'd prefer it gone as a lot otherwise I end up with stuff I don't want that's even harder to shift. I have a maybe buyer for the Abbai, but he's out of town till next week so who knows. If I can't sell the whole thing either here or on eBay I will consider breaking it up then. Why, were you interested in more B5 stuff?

FYI, I will have Pak'Ma'Ra and Drazi fleets up for sale next when I can get a chance to inventory them. After that, dunno. Maybe Raiders and some of my Centauri (think I have like 10 Armageddon points of Centauri so ummm... that's a bit more than I will ever need ;)). I have been thinking of liquidating my SST stuff as well, but some friends are talking about using them for Tomorrow's War so I may end up keeping them. Not sure yet.

Cheers, Gary
The Abbai are now sold. Thanks for looking. I will post another fleet here shortly in a separate thread (my Pak'Ma'Ra most likely)...