Gorn Fleet advice requested...


2x Albertosaurus-class Heavy Battlecruiser 480
1x Velociraptor-class Fast Battlecruiser 210
3x Ceratosaurus-class Battle Destroyer 360
1x Stegosaurus-class Heavy Destroyer 145

I've recently picked up the rules and it actually does look like a fun game. I might even be able to recruit a local player if I can get him over his fear that this game is as complex as SFB. However, I can't get a desire for a Gorn fleet out of my head. I had an intense fascination with dinosaurs as a child, so this tickles my nostalgia senses on several levels as I also enjoyed the TOS episode Arena. Does anyone have any fleet building advice for Gorn they'd be willing to share? The above list is the best I was able to come up with on my own. I also wouldn't be opposed to seeing example lists if anyone is willing to share.
Additional question: Would an Allosaurus-class Battlecruiser be better than a Velociraptor-class Battlecruiser in this instance?
The rules are actually being updated and are going to be re-released when the file is doing being edited, so the game will probably play differently than it did with the original rule set, but it should still be fairly similar to how it is now, so don't cling too much to the rules as you've seen them so far.

As for advice, I dont have much experience with the gorn so I cant really say which battlecruiser is better in different situations.
Indeed. That said, there are some general principles which you can rely on.

Standard Gorn capital ships are precisely as manouvrable as they look. By which I mean, they aren't.
The 'fast' ships, on the other hand, aren't bad.

It depends what you want to support more - the standard battlecruiser would be best fighting in formation with the two heavy battlecruisers, whilst the fast one would support the destroyers better - it depends on your choice of tactics as to how heavy you want your 'flanking' force to be relative to the main battle-line.