FA Scale Fleets Sold Please delete!


Hi everyone.

I have 3 fleet action scale fleets up for sale. I'm going to list them on ebay within the next couple of weeks but thought i would give members of this forum a chance to get hold of them first at a discounted price. All the miniatures are original agents of gaming minis and are unbuilt/unpainted and complete with stands. All are in excellent condition with exquisit detail.
As you can see i don't post on this forum very often so if you want my ebay Id just to check im legit its gcs_trekker.
If anyones interested in the fleets just send me a pm or email me at s.ellis.1@hotmail.co.uk.

Fleet lists.


1X Warlock
1X Posieden Super carrier
4X Omega
3X Hyperion
3X Olympus
4X Atermis
2X Avenger carriers
2X Oracle Scouts

Mimbari (SOLD)

2X Sharlin
3X Tinashi Frigates
2X Leshath Scouts
2X Tigara cruisers
2X Nashatan Gunships
4X Torotha frigates

Centauri (SOLD)

2X Primus Battle cruisers
8X Vorchan
6X Altarian Destroyers
1X Octurion Battle Ship
2X Centurien cruisers


Simon (Forgot to mention i live in the UK)