ACTA Tournaments - Ditch 5pt Raid and try something new...

What level and how many FAPs do you want in tournaments?

  • 1 FAP, ARMAGEDDON OR WAR - Read 1st post for arguement

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  • 5 FAP, RAID - Classic is still best

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  • MIXED - 5pt Skirmish to 5pt Battle

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  • OTHER - Please post and explain

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No, it was djclark I think you played katadder, I know because he gave me a beating the match before...

I only said "doh!" because I came tied third and if djclark hadn't got those 3pts I might have won the 3rd place award proper...only, as I said, I suspect the other Narn player had more admiralship points than me anyway to break the tie...

Burger you accused me of deliberately cheating! I am offended... :(


Sorry, no interest in reading all these posts. I voted 1pt Armageddon.

The only issue I have with this is that Armageddon sized ships will never be used. Sure they are good, but they aren't good enough to go against 20 or so patrol sized craft, or even 3 war sized craft(although it would be a good fight I am sure). Of course I could be wrong.

ALSO, I don't know a thing about tourney's but I am going to assume there isn't an army composition category in rankings. While many 40k players hate this, it might be the solution needed to solve the '10 of one type of ship' problem. This way, a player can win every battle with a 10 sagg fleet, and still come in at last place for being a powergaming cheesemeister.