Xaltotun was the high priest of Set 3,000 years before Conan's time. He was an Acheronian. That's what I know is for sure. The priests of Set are necromancers. Here is what Xaltotun said about his priestly rites,
"Aye! Many a barbarian, both man and woman died screaming on the alter under this hand. I have seen their heads piled to make a pyramid in the great square in Python when the kings returned from the west with their spoils and naked captives."

I think Set was the chief god. I don't know, but many of the Egyptian gods such as Bast the cat goddess, Isis the goddess of magic (I think she was said to be a goddess of Shem), Anubis the god of the dead, Thoth the god of knowledge (may be were Thoth Amon's name comes from). There are many others, but these I like best.

I hope that helps a little.
Might seem a stretch but there could have been a secret order of Ibis hidden in Acheron as Ibis is accepted in current Nemedia.
My Conan: Throne of Blood game has an Acheronian Necromancer... Thaltos.

He's the one who "hires" the pcs to get the Throne of Blood (of course they don't know he's an Acheronian or a Necro originally). :twisted:

Am considering doing up a page or something with some of the details of that adventure if anyone would be interested.

I'm finally getting my online version of it near enough where the party will meet Thaltos soon in Shadizar and go to find the throne.
The Suburbian said:
Which Conan story had this info in it?

Hour of the Dragon presents Xaltotun.

Maybe it's a good idea to take a look at a Cthulhu sourcebook for some revered entities.