A Question about releases


I have seen the releases posted on the Mongoose site - for instance, the Minbari Federation book is listed as being released last month.

However, for us on the Canadian side of the Atlantic have only recieved a copy of EA in the last few weeks.

Question -

1. Are those releases reflect being released to the printer for printing, release in the UK, or has my FLGS been slack at getting stuff in?

2. What books for B5 have actually been released in for public consuption in North America.

I need to know what books I need to pick up...
Mongoose tend to be a little behind schedule with B5 books, but usually only a few weeks (unlike Decipher!).

Currently available are:
Core Rules
Fiery Trial
The Coming of Shadows
EA book
4 issues of Signs & Portents Magazine

Hope that helps.
yeah that sounds right for what's out now, it seems to be that you can add 2 months to whatever release date they give for any book. So in that case the Minbari book will be out in December, Centauri in Feburary, and Narn in March if they keep going the way I think they are.

And remember, I'm not slamming Mongoose, this is what I've observed from them.
Mongoose should simply push all there B5 product back one month on their website. They haven't made a release date yet (well Signs and Portents has but thats not a B5 specific product) and they should simply admit to reality and push back a month which would better align with their actual release success history.

--- Rich
Any chance for a Outer Rim Book or a kind of "freetrader book" ?
Storys away from the main arc could be very interesting too.