A little question about miniatures

Xion Aritel

I'm new here! :D

I have a little question: do someone know if Mongoose will create other miniatures than already created ones?
For particular characters or monsters, for example.

Thank you very much for your attention (and excuse me for my bad english) ;)
The short answer is yes.

I believe Giaks both on foot and mounted on Doomwolves have been mentioned, Gourgaz, Vordak and Drakarim for the bad guys.

There will also be minis for all of the playable characters as well.

Crazy thought what about some individual models for each of the Darklords detailed in The Darklands.

Welcome to the forum. :)
Also Matthew mentioned on the Lone Wolf mailing list that there are going to be two blisters of minis released a month after the Kai lords. :D
Any Mongeese could you give me an idea when Kai lord blisters will be available in the shops. A bit keen don't you know. :)

All I can get from my distributor is "they're not available yet", but as they're listed as a release for this month on the site I'm guessing the first blister wil be out some time in the next two weeks.
So I take it Dancing Dryad will be stocking them? I have been trying to find out off of a couple of other companies if they will be stocking them but they haven't replied.

Let us know when there are some in stock. :)
As soon as we can get them, we'll be stocking them :)

I put a note on the last two orders to the distributor asking to add them on the order in the event they somehow got past the release schedules and came out unannounced, but nothing yet.

So far I've got release schedules up to the 17th, with no sign yet, so that implies they'll be out on the 24th at the earliest (everything seems to happen on Tuesdays)

Will post something the second I have a blister in my hands... as painful as that may sound.
Winter Wolf said:
Mainly @ Matt Thomason.

Any news on when the minis will be in stock..... :)

Nothing on this weeks releases :(

Looks like they're either going to slip in for the 31st, or slip back till next month :(

I usually get the weekly release list on Fridays for the following Tuesday, so might have some news in a couple of days :)
Perennial question..

Mainly @ Matt Thomason.

Any news on when the minis will be in stock..... :lol:

I would love to see some previews of anymore LW minis this seems to have gone a bit quiet. :(
Patience, Winter Wolf.

The wait for the LW minis is nothing compared to the one we had for Babylon 5 between the announcement and the shipping of the core rulebook. I'm sure they will turn out toward the end of September. After all, the Kai blister pack is still on this month list.