(2300AD) Tools for Frontier Living - Now on Pre-Order & PDF


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The latest supplement for 2300AD is now here - Tools for Frontier Living, your one-stop catalogue for tools, survival gear, weaponry and robots!

You can grab your own copy right here: Tools for Frontier Living

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The Frontier Beckons.

The Core is advanced, comfortable, and safe. Too safe for some, for whom the wilds of the Frontier promise adventure, riches, and freedom.

The worlds of the Frontier are hostile. Even if they support life, that life is no friend to humanity. Every single world outside the Core is trying, in its own unique way, to kill the human interlopers. Native life, climate, geography, even the air and water can be dangerous. To survive, to live and prosper, humanity must use all the tools at its disposal to tame these hostile worlds.

Or die trying.

Humans are tool-using animals, and in the pages of Tools for Frontier Living are a selection of equipment needed for survival on alien worlds. There are five sections, covering a range of goods and services from deep space suits to the famous Foot-Long Egg, and including robots and drones, exploration and survival gear, medical equipment, along with weapons and surplus armour, all ideally suited for adventurers and those who brave the Frontier.

Inside you will find:
  • Space Technology
  • Exploration and Survival Gear
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Medical Technology
  • Security and Police Equipment


Emperor Mongoose
And bought.

Really nice book and a lot of it if not all of it can be adapted to a Third Imperium or bespoke Traveller setting.


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Awesome. Been looking forward to that one.
2300AD is such a unique setting that the technologies don't often translate well, so a setting specific gear book is VERY handy.

Technetium 98

Banded Mongoose

Sorry to revive an otherwise dead thread, but I'm working on an update to the robot sheet, and I'm trying to implement LTA locomotion. Few questions...
  • Is the absence of Size 6+ meant to indicate it's only available for Size 5 and below, or can you just extrapolate?
  • Does the 'Slots' entry indicate that it increases the number of slots available, or is that the number of slots consumed? Does it impact the number of base slots; the number used for armour or other coverings?
  • Does the 'To be Hit' entry always apply, and thus it should impact the Large/Small DMs related to the robot's size?
Cost is an... interesting choice, but I can refit that to work with multipliers easy enough - x8 looks appropiate. I'm also assuming speed is representative of vehicle locomotion options. Endurance looks like it's 48 hours, without the +50% from TL 12 and up, but it looks like every robot here lacks that.