Tools for Frontier Living & Aliens of Charted Space: Volume 3


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Update for all Travellers: Tools for Frontier Living and Aliens of Charted Space: Volume 3 are both now available for physical purchase!

All pre-orders will be shipped tomorrow, and regular orders will follow.

Tools for Frontier Living


The Frontier Beckons.

The Core is advanced, comfortable, and safe. Too safe for some, for whom the wilds of the Frontier promise adventure, riches, and freedom.

The worlds of the Frontier are hostile. Even if they support life, that life is no friend to humanity. Every single world outside the Core is trying, in its own unique way, to kill the human interlopers. Native life, climate, geography, even the air and water can be dangerous. To survive, to live and prosper, humanity must use all the tools at its disposal to tame these hostile worlds.

Or die trying.

Humans are tool-using animals, and in the pages of Tools for Frontier Living are a selection of equipment needed for survival on alien worlds. There are five sections, covering a range of goods and services from deep space suits to the famous Foot-Long Egg, and including robots and drones, exploration and survival gear, medical equipment, along with weapons and surplus armour, all ideally suited for adventurers and those who brave the Frontier.

Inside you will find:
Space Technology
Exploration and Survival Gear
Industrial Equipment
Consumer Goods and Services
Medical Technology
Security and Police Equipment

Aliens of Charted Space: Volume 3


Aliens of Charted Space Volume 3 explores five races – the pacifist Darrians, the enigmatic Geonee, the playful Dolphins, the aloof Orca, and the bureaucratic Bwaps. Within these covers you will discover the culture and society of these races, as well as their physiology and their psychology.

The Darrians are known to be a pacifistic race who value excellence in scientific and artistic endeavours. Many believe the Darrians an easy target, or that their outlook makes them inconsequential on the galactic stage. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Darrians are heirs to some of the most advanced technology available in Charted Space, and their advancement continues. For those who believe they can conquer this race of pacifistic scientists and artists, the Darrians have a feared weapon capable of causing a star to go supernova –the Star Trigger.

The Geonee claim to be the decedents of the Ancients, and have the ruins and remnant technology to support this. When first contacted by the Vilani, they were thought to be a Major Race until it was discovered they had reverse engineered their jump drive, causing the retraction of their position and relegating them to become a Minor Race. The Geonee have struggled to have their achievements recognised by the greater interstellar community ever since.

Dolphins where gifted sophoncy by GenAssist, a genetic engineering corporation founded on Solomani principles. The project was a success, and Dolphins have become recognised as a Minor Race in their own right. Their communities are based on principles of total freedom and equality, but they owe a debt of honour to the humans who gave them reasoned thought.

The Orca are another race granted sophoncy by GenAssist, but this time grudgingly. The project to raise them suffered a serious setback which nearly ended the programme if not for the generosity of the people of Sufren. Matriarchal and aloof, the Orca are far less friendly than their Dolphin cousins, and do not share their outlook, instead holding principles of matriarchal veneration and mindfulness.

Evolved amid the swamps of an alien world, Bwap civilisation grew slowly though cooperation and the universal belief that they all have an individual and unique place in the universe to fulfil. Their obsession with minutia and fine detail placed them in the perfect position to make themselves indispensable to the bureaucracy of the Ziru Sirka, granting them access to technology denied to others.

This book contains rules for creating Travellers from each of these alien races, High Guard additions and new ships, and Central Supply Catalogue entries for their new equipment.


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