2 handed power attack damage



I have a question about power attack. P 124 It says you may choose to subtract a number from your attack role and add it to your damage role.
It also says that you double your damage bonus from power attacks if using a 2 handed weapon. It also says that this number may not exceed your BAB.
Does this mean that the total bonus damage from power attack can never exceed your BAB even with a 2 handed weapon?
Example: Level 6 barb. BAB+6 If he uses power attack +5 with a 2 handed weapon does he get +10 bonus? Or can it not exceed his BAB?
Also how does it apply o the monster slayer feat?
A little clarification would be appreciated.
As I understand it, the BAB restriction is on the Power Attack modifier only. So, with a BAB 6, you could PA for up to 6, doing 12 points extra with a 2-handed weapon, but you couldn't PA for 7. You could also PA for up to 6 with a single-handed weapon and simply add a +6. But the damage cap does not, I don't believe, include the additional bonus for PAing with a 2-hander. Not in my world anyway.
Don't have the book in fron tof me, but according to your wording: The bonus to damage from Power Attack may not exceed your BAB, then your barbarian with a +6 BAB, would only have to take a -3 to his attack roll to get the full +6 to damage while wielding a two hander. Anything over that is lost. In otherwords, a 1st level Barbarian with a Badiche and PA would still only get to apply a -1 penalty to his attack roll and receive a +1 bonus to the damage roll.

Course the other way is fine, just makes combat a lil more deadlier when two handers are invovled.
The feat does not say that the bonus from PA may not exceed your BAB, it says that the penalty to to your attack roll may not exceed your BAB. You then apply that penalty as a bonus to your damage if using a one handed weapon or, if using a two handed weapon, you apply twice the penalty as damage bonus.

So yes, your sixth level barbarian with a two handed weapon may indeed take a -6 to attack and recieve a +12 to damage.
also remeber that a guy with two sigle handed weapons is going to deal the same amount of damage, +6 on the first attack, +6 on the second
Thanks for the feedback. Monster slayer does says that against a large creature you do double your power attack penalty to damage.
Does this mean that a character with a 2 handed weapon and this feat(monster slayer) does 4 times his power attack penalty to damage vs large creatures?.
Thanks for the feedback.
There was a FAQ entry on Monster Slayer that was confusing and contradicted itself, ignore it.

What Mongoose has published on the matter seems to indicate that a character with PA and Monster Slayer who is fighting with a two handed weapon should get three times the PA penalty as a damage bonus. Which also happens to be in keeping with the standard rule that a doubling of a doubling is a tripple. That is what I use.