Allen Varney said:
Clangador, in lieu of posting "I've never heard of that," you can easily jump to Google or Wikipedia and satisfy your curiosity in mere moments:

Alphaville entry on Wikipedia
Maybe he wasn't really that curious. :p

That being said, thanks for the link, I'm out of beer and in need of something new to read.
The underground in the movie "A Boy and his Dog" has some interesting Paranoia aspects, I think. But the best part of that movie is when he shares the girl with the dog. As food you guttersnipes!
Gahh, you people scare me with your generalized hatred between two countries that share the same company! :roll:

<This is my 600th post, and my first post on the Paranoia forum!>
What's a country?

We only hate commie mutant scum (well, any kind of traitor, actually).

Movies and Books that follow along and support the Paranoia theme, are more common then many of us may believe. I like to see a list somewhere of movie and books that Paranoia fans can reference.