1980's era Traveller-like solo game boook


I am searching for a solo game book I remember owning back in the 80's.

I rememebr iteither being a Traveller game, or a very Traveller-like game, designed for solo play much like a hybrid of the old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and a true RPG. You owned a starship, traded between worlds with loads of tables being used to generate encounters and trade goods, had to maintain your vessel, payoff debts, etc. It used a combination of tables and look up page numebrs to drive the story and encounters.

I am hoping someone out there in theTraveller-verse can rememebr what this game was and poit me towards somwhere to find a copy. The nostalgia beast has bitten me and Iam determinded to try and track it down.

Thanks in advance from an old RPGer


The one I remember from back then is this one :-


Not sure how close to Traveller it is though

Available from the likes of Amazon and ebay as second hand from around £4.