[Zozer Games] Star Trader-A Solo Trading Game for Traveller


A Solo Trading Game for Traveller


The aim of Star Trader is to travel from world to world buying cargoes as cheaply as possible then selling them elsewhere for as high a price as possible. But this is Traveller, not 'fantasy stocks and shares' and the great appeal of solo gaming is the interaction with Traveller's high technology, its starships, exotic planets and interesting NPCs.

The Star Trader game fills the player's journey through the cosmos with these events and encounters, putting him into predicaments that his character will have to resolve before the game can continue. To some extent the encounters are sets and backdrops to the trading game, but frequent events force the character to respond and the player will need to refer to the task and combat rules in order to tackle these situations. Of course, it's this interaction with the Traveller setting that gets our juices flowing.

Star Trader includes:

A flowchart of activities
Options to decrease the accounting & book-keeping
Planetary Event Tables
Jumpspace Event Tables
Detailed Ship Encounter Tables
Fast-play Space Combat Rules (NEW!)
Rules for trading without a starship
Advice for creating dynamic & interesting ship crews
Fast-play Mission Resolution Rules
Lots of excuses for adventure!
Never be bored again...

Requires only the Traveller Main Book, available from Mongoose Publishing.


EDIT:Revised cover! This is the cover the game should have been released with!
A great review (5 out of 5 stars!) was posted up on DriveThruRPG by one of the Featured Reviewers:


In summary: "Pick up this book, which blends trading and all the other stuff that makes Traveller fun into a workable solo game... To accommodate all this, there is a wealth of tables to roll on and advice to heed. Keep notes as you go and you will find out how exciting it can all be. It's also a good way of getting your head around the system preparatory to running it, and have fun whilst you're learning."
A blank copy of the Ship Sheet:

Got it. Love it. Gonna give it 5 stars and a review. Some things aren't to my taste, but it is still great.
Looks brilliant, I might well have to pick up a copy, is it just for download or are there any print copies around?