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    h2. Darkness Several tech devices help overcome darkness: light intensifier goggles, IR sensors, flashlights, flares, enhanced vision augments, and so on. But, curiously, there are also no explicit rules for handling darkness. Vargrs are described as having poor low light vision and are given a...
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    My house rules that expand on the Fatigue rules in The Core Rulebook p. 76. A fatigued Traveller suffers a Bane to all checks. A fatigued Traveller who continues exhausting work must make an END or Athletics (END) check — with a Bane for being fatigued — or fall unconscious. A Traveller can...
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    4.5m Expedition Rowboat

    4.5m Expedition Sailing & Sculling Rowboat Perfect for fun day sailing, or traveling farther distances while exploring coastal waters, lakes, or rivers. Needing only 6 inches of water with its centerboard and rudder fully retracted, this boat can tuck into quiet, unexplored, and uncrowded...
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    Winches for ATVs and rescue vehicles

    The new JTAS has an article detailing the standard Traveller ATV and providing several examples of alternate designs. Seems to me that the ATV should have a recovery winch as a standard piece of equipment, although I don't see any description that confirms that opinion. I also don't see anything...
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    Personal Sport Submarine vehicle design

    Personal Sport Submarine Designed for recreation rather than exploration or practical transportation, the sport submarine is an exotic toy for rich folks to install on their super yachts. It travels at speeds of up to 6 knots (much faster than most scientific research subs). With its enhanced...
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    Expert software for Recon & Tactics

    Last game session I recommended that my fellow players look into Expert computer programs. I suggested Expert (Tactics/Military) for our military leader, who wondered, "Do I really want to be looking at my computer in the middle of a battle?" Well, no, but the Intelligent Interface software...
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    Secret skill checks

    One philosophical issue I wrestle with as a GM are die rolls for tasks where the player characters would not necessarily know if they failed. The classic example is perception checks. When players know that they've failed a perception check, it gives away too much information -- they now know...
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    Some questions on character creation

    Per the character creation flow chart, the Survival check comes after you have gained basic training or your first skill roll. In pre-career education, the Graduation check comes after you have gained skills and rolled for an event. The skills learned and the results of the pre-career event are...
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    Repeated Basic Training

    Agreed, if you've already had basic training in a career and return to it after a break, just choose a skill table and roll. The military academy issue raises a good point. Rules as written, yes, you'd go through basic training in your first term, which would provide you no benefit (boo!). I...
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    MgT2 skill-level philosophy ???

    I enjoy the dramatic tension die rolls produce. Die rolls should have consequences, however. If you can just roll again and again without any penalty for failure, then why bother rolling at all? I agree that the GM should only call for die rolls when the stakes are big, and he should be ready to...
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    Studying Athletics at university

    Is there a reason why Traveller characters can't study Athletics skill at university? Has the NCAA finally been abolished in the Third Imperium?
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    Modifiers for Electronics (sensors) checks

    Seems like this should be in the referee's screen: Sensors: To detect a target with the sensors of vehicle or spaceship roll an Average (8+) Electronics (sensors) check (1D seconds, INT). Spaceship sensors: Using basic spaceship sensors: -4 Civilian spaceship sensors: -2 Military spaceship...