My house rules that expand on the Fatigue rules in The Core Rulebook p. 76.

A fatigued Traveller suffers a Bane to all checks. A fatigued Traveller who continues exhausting work must make an END or Athletics (END) check — with a Bane for being fatigued — or fall unconscious.

A Traveller can become fatigued in several ways.

  • Staying awake for a number of hours greater than 18 + his END modifier.
  • Performing heavy labor for a number of hours greater than her END score.
  • Making a number of melee attacks greater than his END score in a single combat.
  • Going without food for a number of days greater than her END score.
  • When he suffers END damage caused by thirst, hypothermia, heatstroke, or breathing difficulties.

The GM may also use fatigue as a penalty for botched checks. Fatigue is an especially appropriate penalty for critical failures on Athletics skill checks or on STR or END checks. Fatigue can also be a applied as a condition for scraping success out of a Marginal Failure or as a penalty for a Marginal Success.

Stims can treat fatigue, but there’s no specific rules on natural recovery from fatigue. Fatigue can have many causes, each requiring different treatment. Physical exhaustion could be recovered with 1Dx10 minutes of catching your breath and hydrating. While fatigue caused by lack of sleep can only be recovered by getting the sleep you need. Fatigue caused by starvation or thirst can only be remedied by eating and drinking. Fatigue caused by extreme temperatures require getting your body back to normal temperature. A variety of atmosphere problems could also cause fatigue; the only fix is finding good air to breathe.

The GM may require a Traveller to make an END or Athletics (END) check to recover from fatigue. Medic or Steward may be used to start a Task Chain for the END check. A Boon or Bane may be applied to the END check depending on the Traveller’s level of exhaustion, or the supplies or conditions available to facilitate his recovery.


Banded Mongoose
Making a number of melee attacks greater than his END score in a single combat.

Is that an intentional change? Combat doesn't tend to last that long anyway, but the core rules only apply this one when you make consecutive attacks greater than END - one round of doing something else effectively resets the count.


Adding to Garran’s comment, lots of physical exertion under Fire could easily be considered fatiguing. Maybe count an hour or physical combat (as opposed to sitting at a vehicle station?) as two hours of heavy labor?

You could make a case for vehicle ops being just as fatiguing, especially in low-tech armored vehicles. YMMV.