4.5m Expedition Rowboat



4.5m Expedition Sailing & Sculling Rowboat

Perfect for fun day sailing, or traveling farther distances while exploring coastal waters, lakes, or rivers. Needing only 6 inches of water with its centerboard and rudder fully retracted, this boat can tuck into quiet, unexplored, and uncrowded spots. It’s beachable, so it’s easy to land the boat and check out the shoreline. The sailing gear is fast and easy to install or remove, even without tools.
Includes solid teak woodwork, bronze fittings, fiberglass hull, bilge drain/plug, maintenance kit, bronze builder’s plaque, pivoting bronze centerboard, oars, kick-up rudder, spruce mast, boom and lug, mainsail, jib, sailing gear, and "How to Row" wafer chip -– ready to row, scull, or sail.

Unpowered Boat TL11
Spaces: 4
Skill: Seafarer (personal) or Seafarer (sail)
Crew: 1
Passengers: 2
Cargo: 250kg
Shipping: 1 ton
Hull 4
Agility -1
Speed: Very Slow (Idle)
Open vehicle
Armor: 3
Price: 600 credits

The rowboat requires only one ton of shipping space, or it can be towed with a boat trailer.

Flatbed boat trailer
Unpowered Vehicle TL11
Crew: 0
Passengers: 0
Cargo 1 ton
Shipping: 2 tons
Hull 4
Agility -1
Open vehicle
Armor: 3
Price: 400 credits

And some new equipment for your boat:

Fishing gear
TL5, 200 credits, 4kg.
Rod, reel, line, hooks, sinkers, lures, tackle box, bait, net, and gaff for catching fish up to 20kg. Provides basic equipment for Survival checks to catch fish.

Life Jacket
TL4, 10 credits, 2 kg.
TL5, 50 credits, 1 kg.
Life jackets provide a +4 bonus on Athletics checks made to avoid drowning, but apply a -2 penalty to Athletics checks to swim quickly, such as for racing or fleeing. Early life vests are filled with bulky cork or, later, plastic foams. They cannot easily be concealed or layered over armor, but provide 1 point of protection for the torso. By TL5, self-inflating flotation vests reduce bulk and can be worn over armor, but provide no armor protection themselves.


Banded Mongoose
DickTurpin said:
What makes this a TL 11 design? The boat should be TL 1 and the trailer about TL 5.

Presumably, materials and design/manufacturing techniques would make it TL 11 as opposed to the basic "hollowed-out log" version.

EDIT: Personally, I'd classify it closer to TL 7 or TL 8, though. Honestly, unless some highly superior material comes along, I wouldn't expect there to actually be any improvements from TL 8 to TL 11 - this is a mostly dead-end technology by this point, with not enough improvements available to really justify the research costs.


Emperor Mongoose
Three dee manufacture.

However, it could well be that those with the means to do so, and presumably the leisure time to enjoy it, harken back to more traditional materials and construction practices.


TL 11 could get you a good electronics passage. Including a fish-finder???

One high-TL option might be a see-thru hull. Maybe some built-in survival mods in case you get caught out in bad weather.

Oh, and a bait well that can be readily transformed into a wine cooler...