Personal Sport Submarine vehicle design



Personal Sport Submarine
Designed for recreation rather than exploration or practical transportation, the sport submarine is an exotic toy for rich folks to install on their super yachts. It travels at speeds of up to 6 knots (much faster than most scientific research subs). With its enhanced control systems it can perform rolls, loops, steep turns, and vertical ascents and descents. It has two base models: a one passenger version and a three passenger version.
One of my goals with this design was to make it as afforable as possible. With that in mind, I started at TL 11 which allowed me to lower cost by reducing the default speed and range. If money is not a concern, you can go with the default speed and range for a TL 11 light submersible. This increases speed to Slow (Very Slow), range to 150 (225), and adds 40,000 credits to the price.

TL 11
Skill: Seafarer (submarine)
Agility: -1
Speed (cruise): Idle (stopped)
Range (cruise): 75m (-)
Crew: 1
Passengers: 1
Cargo: none
Hull: 6
Armor: 3
Shipping: 1 ton
Cost: 79,575 credits
Safe Depth: 600m

Traits: Reduced speed x2, Reduced fuel efficiency x2.
Equipment: Autopilot (basic), Communication system (improved), Computer/1, Control system (improved), Navigation system (basic), Sensor system (basic, underwater).

The three passenger model starts at 139,575 credits. It has Hull: 12 and a shipping weight of two tons. Increasing the speed and range to the defaults for TL 11 adds 80,000 credits to the final price.