I'd consider using the "Khauran" commoner race. The Yeutshi are no longer a warrior race, although they were at one point. Otherwise I'd just use a Ghanata or standard Iranistani type (Himelian Tribesman) if you want them to have regular combat abilities or else just change the favored class to pirate or something. At any rate, that is what we did with the people of the "Isles of Pearl" in the "pirate adventure" my DM ran. We just said the people were basically Yeutshi and we based them off of the most successful commoners around.
Good luck with it, post your decision here if you can, it would be interesting to see what other people think.
Yep, went with the modified Khauran. Traded farming for fishing. The simple weapon chosen as commoner is of course the Yuetshi knife. I'm thinking of using an "Insmouth" feel for an even more southern village of Yuetshi. Since they worship a totem sea serpent, why not make it Lovecraft's Dagon & Hydra (of course that's as opposed to Howard's Dagon). The PC's travel south on a mission towards Ghulistan & run into the REALLY backwards Yuetshi (as oppose do the normal backwards simple fisherfolk). From that point, they get tied into a Lovecraftian plot of "save the maiden from being sacrificed to the Old One" involving reverse-evolving Yuestshi & the Deep One's who love them. Should be lots of fun. I see any Barabarians going berserk the minute they see the scaly fiends. I see the scholars of the group thinking, "Hmmm, now how do I summon these things?" I see Pirates going all "avast, ye matie" on the simple villagers with saucer-eyes & slightly sharpened (but not filed) teeth. Just can't wait... :)
So, when are you having me over to play? I have a nice Hyrkanian nomad girl and a happy-go-lucky Pelishtian soldier/scholar to bring. If you are going for first level play I have a Zamorian Thief I have been itching to get into play....

Sounds like a great game, you have some very lucky players lined up. I have been going into the comic book style games with lots of intrigue and switching sides in the middle of battles, etc when I am running games. People seem to like it, but I was thinking about doing "Army of Darkness" style play with a more horrific "Solomon Kane" edge to it since one of my players has requested a chance to actually use the mass combat rules :twisted:
Any time you're down South, drop me a line & jump in. I'm as hillbilly as it gets & a strong believer in Southern hospitality (even for Hyrkanians).