Your RuneQuest Stuff In Print! (Sort Of)

Se Chris

To be 100% honest, the title should read 'Your RuneQuest Stuff In pdf Format In Signs and Portents!' but I didn't think that would grab as much attention.

Here's the deal. We're looking for RuneQuest articles to grace the pages of Signs and Portents. They can be about anything - settings, creatures, spells, backgrounds, professions, rules, flavour, (short) adventures, whatever you feel like writing.

Every article we publish will be paid for. Because that sort of thing is important.

Just one thing to bear in mind: articles dealing specifically for a setting that we are developing ourselves (that is, Glorantha or Lankhmar) are significantly less likely to be accepted for publication. Why? Because they have to mesh neatly with our own plans for the setting. Since you don't know what those plans are, and we're not telling (so don't ask), there is a certain element of shooting in the dark involved. Don't let that discourage you, though. Feel free to send in your Glorantha and Lankhmar material and if it's good, and it fits, we'll use it. We just think this is something you ought to know.

'How do I send you my stuff?' I hear you ask. It's easy. Download a copy of Signs and Portents Roleplayer here. In each issue, there is a page entitled 'Write for the Mongoose'. Follow the instructions on this page, except that any email submissions should be sent to and any snail mail submissions should be marked for the attention of Chris Longhurst.

So there you have it. Go! Be creative!
Is there a limit to the size of the article? Do you prefer a certain size range? Or is Signs & Portents now a purely internet magazine making size restrictions irrelevant?


EDIT: I see there is a own thread for the Signs & Portents, Ill post my questions there, if they're not answered there allready.
I am intrigued. For our own settings, or can we do stuff from a tv sries or movie say, or would that attract the vengeance of a lawsuit?
Its good to see that mongoose care so much about this subject that it has been almost five months since someone from the company has answered one of the posts made here since september. Why do people even try :mad: